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Alien 2x2 RFID Inlay RFID Tag

The Alien Technology "2-2" is a general-purpose RFID inlay, designed for use in baggage tags and larger items, including apparel and pharmaceutical supplies.
2x2 RFID Inlay Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
ALN-9634-FWRW 2x2 RFID Inlay, 2X2 INLAY, RFID, GEN2, HIGGS 3, WHITE WET INLAY, 15,000 PER ROLL, +/- 10 PERCENT, SINGLE ROLL Ships in 24-48 Hours $2,840.96
Retail $3930
Save 27%
ALN-9634-FWRW-TST 2x2 RFID Inlay, 2X2 Inlay, RFID, Gen2, Higgs 3, White Wet Inlay, 1000 Pc Test Roll, Single roll Ships in 24-48 Hours $400.00
The Alien 2x2 RFID Inlay is also known as the Alien Technology 2x2 RFID Inlay .