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Photo of AML Guardian Hand Held Computer As low as
AML Guardian
The Guardian is the latest innovation in fixed-mount computing from AML. The combination of high-performance computing power and rugged design make the Guardian ideal for tough environments that require 24-7 reliability. Its small footprint allows...
Photo of AML M 5900 Hand Held Computer AML M 5900
Durable, easy to use, and packed with big business functionality, the M 5900 portable data terminal is an ideal solution for everyday, all day data collection applications - including inventory control, factory floor management, price verification,...
Photo of AML M 5900i Hand Held Computer AML M 5900i
With big business functionality at a small business price, the AML M 5900i portable data terminal can help streamline and improve your business operations, while keeping IT costs low. The M 5900i features 32MB RAM/16MB flash ROM memory (with 10MB of...
Photo of AML M7225 Hand Held Computer AML M7225
The AML M7225 is a richly featured, wireless handheld computer designed for use in retail, manufacturing, and warehouse data capture applications. Its industrial rating makes it durable enough for harsh or challenging environments, but it is...
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Photo of AML LDX-10 Hand Held Computer As low as
The LDX10 is specifically designed for light-duty commercial applications where acquisition cost is a driving factor when selecting a data collection device.
Photo of AML Triton Hand Held Computer As low as
AML Triton
The AML Triton is designed for wireless terminal emulation applications in warehousing, distribution and other harsh environments. Like its predecessor, the M7220, the Triton is a rugged yet cost effective handheld terminal that can be quickly...
Photo of AML TDX20 Wireless Computer with DC Suite Software As low as
AML TDX20 Wireless Computer with DC Suite Software
The TDX20 wireless handheld computer brings affordability and convenience to barcode data collection applications. Designed for light-to-medium duty environments, the TDX20 allows users to go wireless when collecting data for a variety of...
Photo of AML Scepter Hand Held Computer As low as
AML Scepter
The Scepter is the result of combining proven technology with contemporary innovation" an enterprise-grade mobile computer that will excel in virtually any task, delivering the performance and reliability demanded by today␁s industrial user.