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Photo of AML KDT3 Terminal AML KDT3
The KDT3 represents the next generation in small form-factor, self-service kiosks from AML. With its powerful architecture, the KDT3 is capable of running full screen video, playing stereo audio, scanning barcodes, and displaying stunning images on...
Photo of AML KDT 900 Terminal AML KDT 900
The AML KDT 900 is a full-featured, general purpose kiosk/data terminal with a wide variety of application possibilities. Powered by Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and featuring a number of user input/output options, the KDT 900 is perfect for a...
Photo of AML Monarch As low as
AML Monarch
Combining the power of a desktop computer and the user experience of a tablet, the Monarch is the ideal built-for-purpose kiosk designed for retail, hospitality and commercial applications. While providing a powerful 1.4GHz processor, a 10.1" color...