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AML M5500 Hand Held Computer

The AML M5500 Portable Data Terminal is rugged, lightweight and durable and features a standard range laser scanner. The ergonomic design of the M5500 enables one-handed scanning for optimal operator comfort and maximum productivity. The M5500 features an integrated standard range laser scanner for data collection, a serial interface cable, a 4 x 20 LCD screen, a 32-bit processor with 256K of RAM (expandable) and 2MB of flash memory. With six pre-installed data collection programs and a Windows-compatible program generator, the AML M5500 will be able to adjust to changing needs far into the future.
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M5500-LAS-AM5005 M5500 Series, Kit with AML Integrated Laser. Includes terminal, batteries, manual, serial cable, Application software, & Softcom software. Check Availability Call for Details
The AML M5500 is also known as the American Microsystems M5500 .