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Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
SUA5000RMT5U Smart-UPS 5000VA 208V Rackmount-Tower, Ships Today $3,274.18
Retail $4780
Save 31%
SYH2K6RMT-TF3 Symmetra RM 4kVA, Scalable to 6kVA N+1 208/240V with 208 to 120V Step-Down Transformer 4 L5-20R Ships Today $4,820.00
SYARMXR3B3 Symmetra LX Extended Run Rack-Mount, (with 3 SYBT5, 208V) Ships Today $3,100.00
SUA5000R5TXFMR Smart-UPS 5000VA RM with Transformer, (208V Input and 120/208V Output) Ships Today $3,878.44
Retail $5665
Save 31%
P7T10 Basic Surge 7 Outlet w-Tel, 10 ft. Cord 120V Ships Today $22.36
PRO7 Professional SurgeArrest 7 Outlet 120V, (Reliable Surge Protection for Home or Office Computers and Electronic Equipment) Ships Today $28.57
AR3150 NETSHELTER SX 42U 750W 1070D ENCLOSURE W DOORS AND PANELS Ships Today $1,552.61
SURTA3000XL Smart-UPS RT 3000VA 120V, Ships Today $2,287.61
Retail $3340
Save 31%
SYPM4KP Symmetra LX 4kVA Power Module, (200/208V) Ships Today $1,825.16
Retail $2665
Save 31%
SYPM2KU Symmetra RM 2-6kVA Power Module (2kVA), --SYMMETRA RM 2kVA Power Module Ships Today $1,496.04
Retail $2210
Save 32%
AP9563 AP9563 Rack PDU, Basic Rack PDU (1U, 20A, 120V -10 5-20, 5-20P) Ships Today $132.21
Retail $195
Save 32%
SMX3000HVT Accessories, Smart-UPS x 3000VA Short Depth Tower/Rack Conv LCD 208V Ships Today $1,528.53
Retail $2200
Save 30%
NET9RMBLK Rackmount SurgeArrest 9 Outlet 120V, Black Rackmount SurgeArrest 9 Outlet 120V Ships Today $87.69
SUA1500X93 Smart-UPS 1500VA USB 120V Shipboard, Ships Today $827.49
Retail $1210
Save 31%
AP7530 AP7530 Rack PDU, Rack PDU Basic, Zero U, 20A, 120V, (24) 5-20 Ships Today $223.51
Retail $352
Save 36%
AP9627 Step-Down Transformer RM 2U 208V, In 120V Out with L5-20 Receptacles Ships Today $556.18
AR8122BLK NetShelter 250-lb Fixed Shelf, (Black) Ships Today $91.86
AR8008BLK Side Channel Cable Trough BLACK Ships Today $61.72
P8T3 Home-Office SurgeArrest, 8 Outlets with Tel2/Splitter Jacks 120V Ships Today $29.98
AP9626 Step-Down Transformer RM 2U, 208V IN 120V OUT, with 5-20 Receptacles Ships Today $524.40
AP9570 Rack PDU Basic 1U 30A 208V, Four C19s Ships Today $221.93
Retail $327
Save 32%
AP7811 Rack PDU Metered 2U 30A 208V, Twelve C13s and Four C19 Ships Today $611.33
RBC10 Replacement Battery Cartridge 10, Replacement Battery for the BF250 and BF280 Ships Today $59.35
AP9564 Rack PDU Basic 1U 20A 120V, Basic Rack PDU (Input: 120V, Input Connection Type: NEMA L5-20P, Cord Length: 12 feet - 3.66 meters, Output: 120V, Output Connections: NEMA 5-20R) Ships Today $132.23
AR201 NetShelter 2 Post Rack, (45U #12-24, Threaded Holes, Black) Ships Today $110.40
AP8704R-NA Accessories, Power cord Kit (6 Each, Locking, C13 to C14, 90 Degree, 1.2 Meters) Ships Today $80.64
Retail $110
Save 26%
PTEL2R PTEL2R Surge Protection Module, PTEL2R Surge Protestion Module (Replaceable, Rackmount, 1U, 2 2 Line Telco Surge Protection) Ships Today $25.28
SURTD3000XLT-1TF3 Smart-UPS, RT 3000VA 208V with 208V to 120V Step Down Transformer Ships Today $3,000.00
SURT8KRMXL6U-TF5 Smart-UPS RT 8KVA RM 208V, With 208V to 120V 2U Step-Down Transformer Ships Today $6,025.00
SURT10000RMXLT6U Smart-UPS RT 10000VA Rack Tower 208V, Smart-UPS RT 10,000VA Rack Tower 208V Ships Today $6,125.00

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The APC Parts is also known as the American Power Conversion Parts .