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APC award-winning Smart-UPS is the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage and networks. Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power. In addition to legendary reliability and manageability, Smart-UPS have extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels making them ideal for today's multi-core or virtualized servers that have varying load consumption. Available in a variety of form factors (tower, rack mount, rack/tower convertible) there is a model for every application and budget. Rack mounted Smart-UPS are ideal for powering Blade or density optimized servers in a distributed power protection environment as the primary or redundant protection.


Smart-UPS Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
SMT1500RMI2U Smart UPS, Smart-UPS 1500VA LCD RM 2U RM 2U 230V Ships Today $879.00
SMT3000RMI2U Smart UPS, Smart-UPS 3000VA LCD RM 2U Ships Today $1,550.00
SMT1500R2X122 Smart UPS, Smart-UPS 1500VA LCD RM 2U 120V with L5-15P Ships Today $834.47
SMT2200R2X106 Smart UPS, Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 120V with L5-20P Ships Today $1,229.82
SUVTP15KH2B2S SMART-UPS VT 15KVA 400V with 2 Battery MOD, START UP 5X8-NOTE Ships Today $15,400.00
SMC1500I-2U Smart-UPS, SMART-UPS C 1500VA 2U RACK MOUNTABLE LCD 230V Ships in 24-48 Hours $639.00
SMX2000LVNC Smart-UPS, SMART-UPS x 2000VA RACK/ TOWER LCD 100-127V with NETWORK C Ships Today $1,525.00
SMX2200RMHV2U Smart UPS, Smart-UPS x 2200VA Rack/Tower LCD 200-240V Ships Today $1,550.00
SUVTR30KF5B5S Smart UPS, SMART-UPS VT RACK MOUNTED 30KVA 208V with 5 Battery MOD, with PDU Ships Today $20,500.00
SUA2200R2X147 Smart UPS, SMART UPS 2200 VA USB 120V RM 2U with SU029RM2U INSTALLED Ships Today $1,190.33
The APC Smart-UPS is also known as the American Power Conversion Smart-UPS .