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AudioCodes Mediant 800 Service Contract

Mediant 800 Service Contracts
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
ZACS01083 Service Contracts, DVS-M800_S17/YR Ships Free Today $570.00
M800SBA-REMT-IMPL Service Contract, M800 TDM (with O ESBC) FOR MSFTSBA Remote Implementation Support Ships Free Today $1,700.00
DVS-M800_S7/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S7/YR CUSTOMER TECH SUPPORT 9X5 Ships Free Today $510.00
DVS-M800_S6/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S6/YR Ships Free Today $420.00
DVS-M800_S4/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S4/YR 9 x 5 SUPPORT Ships Free Today $275.00
DVS-M800_S3/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S3/YR ACTS 9X5 SUPPORT Ships Free Today $230.00
DVS-M800_S2/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S2/YR Ships Free Today $175.00
DVS-M800_S12/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S12/YR 9 x 5 SUPPORT ON M800 Ships Free Today $40.00
DVS-M800_S1/YR Service Contract, DVS-M800_S1/YR Ships Free Today $120.00
AHR-M800_S7/YR Service Contract, AHR-M800_S7/YR ADVANCE HARDWARE REPLACEMENT Ships Free Today $205.00
AHR-M800_S6/YR Service Contract, AHR-M800_S6/YR Ships Free Today $165.00
AHR-M800_S4/YR Service Contract, AHR-M800_S4/YR ADVANCED REPLACEMENT Ships Free Today $112.00
AHR-M800_S2/YR Service, AHR-M800_S2/YR ADV. HARDWARE MUST BE ORDERED with DVS OR ACTS Ships Free Today $72.00
AHR-M800_S1/YR Service Contract, AHR-M800_S1/YR Ships Free Today $50.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S7/YR Service Contract, ACTS24X7-M800_S7/YR CUSTOMER TECHNICAL SUPPORT 24X7 Ships Free Today $720.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S6/YR Service Contract, ACTS24X7-M800_S6/YR Ships Free Today $580.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S4/YR Service Contract, ACTS24X7-M800_S4/YR TECHNICAL SUPPORT 24 x 7 Ships Free Today $390.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S3/YR Service Contract, ACTS24X7-M800_S3/YR 24X7 SUPPORT Ships Free Today $325.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S2/YR Service, ACTS24X7-M800_S2/YR TECHNICAL SUPPORT - 24 x 7 Ships Free Today $250.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S12/YR Service Contract, ACTS24X7-M800_S12/YR Ships Free Today $56.00
ACTS24X7-M800_S1/YR Service Contract, ACTS24X7-M800_S1/YR Ships Free Today $170.00