AWID combines proprietary and best-available technology with design expertise in antenna, radio frequency (RF), and communication systems to create the best of the breed RFID products and offer professional engineering services. AWID excels at providing RFID knowledge for myriad applications and satisfying customers' challenging requirements. AWID  logo

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Photo of AWID MPR-8018QN Series RFID Reader As low as
AWID MPR-8018QN Series
The MPR-8018QN integrates with networks and other devices via TCP/IP Ethernet and RJ45 connectors and comes with an easy-to-use communications protocol so you can create your own tag data management instructions and read/write applications.
Photo of AWID Ant-915TC RFID Antenna As low as
AWID Ant-915TC
AWID's Ultra Thin ANT-915TC is optimized for frequency band 902-928 MHz near field applications for a wide range of RFID uses.
Photo of AWID MPR-6010-BN RFID Antenna As low as
It is equipped with multi-protocol compatibility and PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity.
Photo of AWID MPR-1910RM RFID Reader As low as
The UHF module is ideal for embedding in a label printer/encoder, handheld reader, contactless POS, or smart shelf. Applications cover supply chain management, document tracking, access security, and authentication/e-pedigree.
Photo of AWID UTM-200 As low as
The UTM-200 has 2 Antenna Ports and has an RF Power 500mW (20dBm). It has a frequency of 860 MHz to 930 MHz.
Photo of AWID Ant-915CP As low as
AWID Ant-915CP
AWID's ANT-915CP-0.5 is optimized for frequency band 902-928 MHz.
Photo of AWID HB-2000 RFID Reader As low as
AWID HB-2000
HB-2000 is one of AWID's new handheld data collection terminals. Equipped with a Circularly-polarized antenna, the HB2000 is optimized to deliver up to 2 meters RFID tag read distance with only 1/2 Watt RF output power. With communication options...
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