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Axicon 12000 Series Verifier

The Axicon 12000 Series gives accurate results when verifying DataMatrix and other 2D bar codes. All bar codes are verified to the latest ISO, GS1 and Pharmaceutical standards. The Axicon 12000 Series also provides a solution for a wide range of application standards including Turkish Ministry of Health & CIP. Designed for all 2D bar codes where an aperture size of 3mil or more is required (up to the scan area available details overleaf). Aperture size can be set manually or by specifying a required Application Standard.


12000 Series Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
V12000 12000 Series, 12000 2D Barcode Verifier Ships Free Today $6,995.00
V12500 12500 Wide Throat 2D Barcode Verifier Ships Free Today $7,495.00
V12800 2D Barcode Verifier - 1" wide x .625" high FOV with DPM lighting Ships Free Today $7,995.00
V01693 2D Verifier Calibration & Service Ships Free Today $790.00
V21610 2D Performance Qualification (PQ) Test Kit to self-recertify 2D verifiers Ships Free Today $825.00
V21611 IQ/OQ Documentation Ships Free Today $495.00
V21612 Presentation mount for 12000 2D Verifier Ships Free Today $480.00
V01633 Carry Case for 12000 Ships Free Today $58.00