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Photo of BCI Laser Printer Label Sheets BCI Laser Printer Label Sheets
Do you need sheeted labels? Then look no further. BCI has a complete line of sheeted labels designed to work effectively in desktop ink jet and laser printers. Plus, many of our designs match commonly used Avery Dennison templates found in Microsoft...
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BCI Label
BCI Labels offer you a true compatible choice when searching for many of your industry branded labels. All of our Labels are produced with the highest quality materials, precision equipment and are regularly tested to ensure the products exceed your...
Photo of BCI Pre-Printed Labels As low as
BCI Pre-Printed Labels
Thermal labels compatible with the BCI Pre-Printed Labels.
Photo of BCI AUTOGRAPHS Namplates As low as
BCI AUTOGRAPHS Namplates feature UV curable inks and a clear coat that provides protection against damaging UV rays while screen printing maximizes registration accuracy and resolution allowing for clear, crisp reproduction of company logos and...
Photo of BCI Aluminum Nameplates As low as
BCI Aluminum Nameplates
Photo anodized Aluminum Nameplates and labels are produced using a photo imaging process that seals the image within the sapphire hard anodic layer of the aluminum which resists chemicals, paint, abrasion and dirt. Unlike surface printed products,...
Photo of BCI Printed Foil Labels As low as
BCI Printed Foil Labels
Thermal labels compatible with the BCI Printed Foil Labels.
Photo of BCI Metal Bar Code Nameplates As low as
BCI Metal Bar Code Nameplates
The BCI Metal Bar Code Nameplates combine reliability with the durability you have come to expect with any BCI product. They have consistently remained one of our most popular products for our customers due to their dependability as well as the...
Photo of BCI Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates As low as
BCI Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates
Dirt, grease, grime, even dried paint easily come off the Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates due to its durable coating. Once clean you get a fast, accurate bar codes reading to track assets, fugitive emissions or work in process. The...
Photo of BCI Tamper Evident As low as
BCI Tamper Evident
Discourage theft and keep your property intact with BCI's Tamper Evident Labels. If someone attempts to remove the label the word "VOID" is left behind on the surface of the asset and the back of the label. Add a bar code and human readable...
Photo of BCI Security Labels As low as
BCI Security Labels
Secure valuable assets and deter theft with BCI's Security Labels Made from a destructible material that tears apart if someone tries to remove it, these labels offer customers a unique way to protect their property. The coating featured on these...
Photo of BCI Apparel Stock Label BCI Apparel Stock
Our apparel labels come in a variety of sizes and applications. Choose from clothing strips, to collar and sleeve strips, to waist size strips, to hem and inseam labels. We have the full collection of labels for all of your apparel needs.
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BCI Multi-Part and Form
Multi-part and Form labels combine multiple printing processes into a single document for direct mail and traditional business form applications such as pick tickets with shipping labels, medical forms with pharmacy labels and shipping documents...