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Accessory and interface cables from BCI help your devices connect! BCI offers a variety of connections compatible with thousands of products. Call us for more details.
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Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
ADP-6150 ADP-6150 Adapter, 6150 Adapter (Modular, DB-9F/RJ45 F) Ships Free Today $10.88
ADP-1720 Universal Cable, Cable (HDB15 Female to Female Slim Gender Changer) Ships Free Today $11.82
2901-6MF9 6' Serial cable (25 pin male to 9 pin female) Ships Free Today $11.93
AUD-1700-50 Cable, (50 feet, RCA 3 Connector Audio-Video, Black) Ships Free Today $24.48
PWR-1300-12 Accessories, Monitor Power supply Connector (12 feet, Male to Female Cord, Black) Ships Free Today $14.52
02774 Cables, Adapter (Gender Changer, DB25 Female-Female, Slim). Replaces (Part# ADP-1120). Ships Free Today $12.76
02782 Cables, Adapter (Gender Changer, DB9 Male-Male, Slim). Replaces (Part# ADP-1220). Ships Free Today $12.09
02781 Cables, Adapter (Gender Changer, DB9 Female-Female, Slim). Replaces (Part# ADP-1320). Ships Free Today $12.18
02945 Cables, 6100 Adapter (Modular, DB9 M/RJ45 F). Replaces (Part# 6100). Ships Free Today $11.75
02941 Cables, 6150 Adapter (Modular, DB9F/RJ45 F). Replaces (Part# 6150). Ships Free Today $11.62
26886 Cables, Converter (USB to DB9M, Serial IOGEAR, PC and Mac Comp, RS-232). Replaces (Part# ATN-UC232A). Ships Free Today $20.73
02799 Cables, PCM-1100 Cable (10 feet, Parallel PC to Printer, DB25 Male-Centronics 36 Male). Replaces (Part# PCM-1100-10). Ships Free Today $16.00
Retail $17.99
Save 11%
02300 Cables, Cable (6 ft. IEEE 1284 Parallel Printer, DB25 Male-Cent36 Male). Replaces (Part# PCM-1150-06). Ships Free Today $18.44
Retail $22.99
Save 19%
02665 Cables, PCM-1700 Printer Cable (6 feet, Straight Through RS-232, DB25 Male-25 Male, 25 Cond.). Replaces (Part# PCM-1700-06). Ships Free Today $15.47
03044 Cables, PCM-1960 Cable (6 feet, Null Modem, DB9 Female-DB9 Female). Replaces (Part# PCM-1960-06). Ships Free Today $12.84
03020 Cables, PCM-1970 Null Modem Cable (10 feet, DB9F-DB25M) - Color: Beige. Replaces (Part# PCM-1970-10). Ships Free Today $12.79
02711 Cables, Cable (6 feet, Serial Extension, DB9 Male-Female). Replaces (Part# PCM-2100-06). Ships Free Today $13.03
02718 Cables, PCM-2200 VGA Cable (10 ft. VGA Extension, HDB15 Male-Female) - Color: Beige. Replaces (Part# PCM-2200-10). Ships Free Today $12.52
Retail $12.99
02635 Cables, Cable (6 feet, HDB15 Male to Male VGA Cable) - Color: Beige. Replaces (Part# PCM-2220-06). Ships Free Today $13.29
25246 Cables, VGA HDB15 1M and 2F Splitter. Replaces (Part# PCM-2250). Ships Free Today $14.90
03130 Cables, Shielded AC UL Power cord (6 feet, Black) for Universal Power supply. Replaces (Part# PWR-1000-06). Ships Free Today $12.47
29651 Cables, USB-1250 Cable (6 feet, USB 2.0, A to 5 Pin Mini B). Replaces ( (Part# USB-1250-06). Ships Free Today $13.40
Retail $17.99
Save 25%
29652 Cables, USB-1250 Cable (10 feet, USB 2.0, A to 5 Pin Mini B). Replaces (Part# USB-1250-10). Ships Free Today $14.46
27365 Cables, Cable (2 meters, USB Micro B Cable with Ferrite Black). Replaces (Part# USB-1270-02M). Ships Free Today $11.52
Retail $12.99
Save 11%
16898 Cables, Cable (USB to Parallel Printer Cable). Replaces (Part# USB-1470-06). Ships Free Today $19.18
Retail $20.99
27225 Cables, USB-2400 Splitter Cable (USB to PS/2, to Connect a Keyboard/Mouse to 1 USB). Replaces (Part# USB-2400). Ships Free Today $15.93
13171 Cables, Cable, Beige, USB 2.0, A to B, 3 ft. Replaces (Part# USB-5000-01M). Ships Free Today $11.91
13401 Cables, USB-5000 Cable (15 ft. USB 2.0 Cable - A to B). Replaces (Part# USB-5000-05M). Ships Free Today $13.86
28101 Cables, USB-5020 Printer Cable (3 feet, USB 2.0 Black A to B Cable). Replaces (Part# USB-5020-01M). Ships Free Today $6.29
28102 Cables, USB-5020 Printer Cable (6 feet, USB 2.0, Black, A to B Cable). Replaces (Part# USB-5020-02M). Ships Free Today $12.29

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