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BCI Government and RFID Tool Tracking Bundle

Foreman In-a-Box, RFID Tool Tracker is a versatile and efficient solution for managing your tool crib. RFID technology allows you to know where your valuable assets are located, so you may stop wondering where your stuff is. You can quickly track your tools without cumbersome paper-based check-out systems, drastically reducing down time and wasted man hours normally spent locating assets. Fixed Asset Manager software by epcSolutions features an easy-to-use set up wizard that lets you create a tool tracking network which can maintain an inventory of tools, keep a history of each tool"s whereabouts, easily identify each tool by picture, use either RFID or barcodes, and allow for pre-encoded hard tags or self-programmed labels. This creative solution consists of epcSolutions Fixed Asset Manager software, Motorola"s XR450 fixed reader and antennas, and Confidex hard tags.
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