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BCI Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates

Teflon Coated Metal Barcode Nameplates. Size: 2.0" x 1.0". Dirt, grease, grime and paint resistant. Resists acids and temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Black-Designed Style Bar code and human-readable characters, block type, stylized type or logos in black. Priced per 1,000 labels. Please call for larger or smaller quantities. Please allow for a 20 day lead time for this product


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BCI Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates

Dirt, grease, grime, even dried paint easily come off the Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates due to its durable coating. Once clean you get a fast, accurate bar codes reading to track assets, fugitive emissions or work in process. The Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Nameplates coating also resists incidental or intermittent contact with strong acids and caustics, as well as temperatures up to 500 degrees. Photographically reproduced copy and bar codes ensure accurate and reliable reads while the anodizing process protects copy and bar codes from chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures.

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Manufacturer part number: XPT019-BD