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Bogen CAL Series Loudspeaker

CAL Series Loudspeaker from Bogen incorporates a unique Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) technology which replaces traditional mechanical spider devices for centering voice coils. This technology utilizes magnetic fluid that stays permanently suspended in the gap of the magnet offering extreme linearity. It also features a vibration control unit (VCU) tuned to absorb low-frequency vibrations. With patented NEAR's Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT), the metal-alloy diaphragm is almost massless, which in turn offers greater musical accuracy, fine detail of sound and ease of listening.
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CAL8 CAL Series Loudspeaker, CAL8 Loudspeaker (2-Way Flush-Mount, 8 inch Metal, LF) - Color: White Check Availability Call for Details