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Bogen GDU150 Gooseneck Microphone

Bogen's dynamic gooseneck microphone, GDU150 Gooseneck Microphone, features outstanding speech intelligibility, feedback rejection, user sound isolation, sound pressure capability and low sensitivity to breath/pop noise. The GDU150 Gooseneck Microphone boasts advanced features such as cardioid pickup pattern, dynamic condenser element, 250-ohm impedance, wide frequency response range of 100Hz - 12kHz, & a low sensitivity of -75 dB +/- 3 dB. Its elegant design offers smooth, noiseless and precise microphone positioning. It also features a superior shock-mount system to reject handling and transmission noise, a built-in locking push- button on/off switch, and a multi-layer breath/wind filter.
GDU150 Gooseneck Microphone Options
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GDU150 GDU150 Gooseneck Microphone, 15-1/2" adjustable neck, 500-ohm impedance, Cardioid pickup pattern, -75 dB +/- 3 dB sensitivity, 100 Hz - 12 kHz, Dynamic element, Rugged reliable construction Check Availability Call for Details