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Bogen LUMUTGEN Multi-Tone Generator

The Bogen LUMUTGEN Multi-Tone Generator has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The Multi-Tone Generator is capable of generating four distinct signals: pulsed tone slow whoop repeating chime and steady tone.
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LUMUTGEN Multi-Tone Generator Options
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Bogen LUMUTGEN Multi-Tone Generator Details

  • Each signal may be applied continuously or limited to a double burst (single burst only of the steady tone) for alarm signalling or pre-announcement.
  • Signals are triggered by an external device that provides a contact closure.
  • Tone signal precedence over program is built-in.
  • Wall-mounted
  • Both tone level and pitch are adjustable
  • Accepts high-level (max. 1.5V RMS) input from a program source, such as a tuner or tape deck.