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Cambium Networks, formerly part of Motorola Solutions, provides world-class wireless broadband and microwave solutions for military, government, municipal and enterprise customers around the world. It currently has more than 3.5 million products deployed in thousands of networks in over 150 countries, with its innovative technologies providing reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity that's easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding metrics. Cambium's ecosystem of partners, development engineers, and support teams work together to design and deliver innovative, forward-looking solutions that provide data, voice and video connectivity when and where it's needed. Cambium Networks Wireless Broadband logo

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Photo of Cambium Networks PTP100 As low as
Cambium Networks PTP100
The Cambium-Networks PTP100 Series of Point-to-Point wireless Ethernet bridges provide a low-cost-of-entry solution for deployment, expansion and extension of broadband communications networks. The PTP100 Series also offers the scalability of...
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Cambium Networks PTP200
Whether you want to replace T1/E1 lines with wireless broadband, increase throughput for bandwidth-intensive applications or backhaul voice and video traffic, the Cambium-Networks PTP200 Series solutions can provide affordable and reliable...
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Cambium Networks PTP500
The Cambium-Networks PTP500 Ethernet microwave radios are designed to provide the connectivity and backhaul needed to achieve communication goals. In non-line-of-sight (NLOS), long-distance line-of-sight (LOS) and high-interference environments,...
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Cambium Networks PTP800
The Cambium-Networks PTP800 solutions are designed to satisfy the demand for reliable, high-throughput, and secure Internet Protocol (IP-based) licensed-microwave communications at an affordable price. The PTP800 series includes two equipment...
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Cambium Networks PMP100
The Cambium-Networks PMP100 combines field-proven toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. Modules are available with total throughputs up to 14 Mbps and are available in frequencies from 900 MHz to 5...
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Cambium Networks PMP400
The Cambium-Networks PMP400 offers high performance in the 4.9 GHz band. Municipalities, counties and local governments need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that is rapidly deployed. The PMP400 provides up to 20 Mbps of useable...
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Cambium Networks PMP430
The Cambium-Networks PMP430 Access Point and Subscriber Module is the ideal solution for developing, enhancing and extending advanced broadband networks with more than 50 Mbps of total aggregate throughput for data transfer, voice and video...
Photo of Cambium Networks PTP 810 Cambium Networks PTP 810
Cambium-Networks PTP 810 solutions are excellent connectivity and backhaul solutions for organizations such as service providers, government and public safety agencies, utilities, transportation companies, and business enterprises.
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Cambium Networks PMP320
The Cambium-Networks PMP320 is an all-outdoor, integrated, single-board radio. This simple design is fast and easy to install with low power requirements and no requirement for the controlled environments associated with circuit boards. The PMP320...
Photo of Cambium Networks PMP 450 Access Point As low as
Cambium Networks PMP 450
Utilizing 2x2 MIMO-OFDM technology, new deployments can take advantage of Cambium-Networks proprietary feature set, while achieving data rates higher than 90 Mbps. From the available synchronization options to its diverse feature set, the PMP 450...
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Cambium Networks ePMP 1000
Wireless service providers and enterprises need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly deployed and expanded. The new ePMP platform provides stable coverage across large service areas and enhances your existing...
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