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Motorola AP 6562E (AP-6562E-66030-US)
Access PointMotorola AP 6562E
AP 6562E, AP 6562: EXPRESS 802.11N AP, Internal Antenna US
Ships Free Today $766.15
Motorola AP 6522 (AP-6522-66030-US)
Access PointMotorola AP 6522
AP 6522, 802.11n independent access port dual radio internal antenna version. For use in US only.
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Motorola AP 6521E (AP-6521E-60010-US)
Access PointMotorola AP 6521E
AP 6521E, AP 6521: EXPRESS 802.11N AP, Internal Antenna US
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba AP-175 (AP-175AC-F1)
Access PointAruba AP-175
AP-175, AC, 802.11n dual 2x2 320mW, AC, FIPS/TAA
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba AP 135 (AP-135)
Access PointAruba AP 135
AP 135, Wireless Access Point (Integrated Antenna)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba AP 134 (AP-134)
Access PointAruba AP 134
AP 134, Wireless Access Point (Needs Antenna)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba (AP-114)
Access Point
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba (AP-105-F1)
Access PointAruba
105 Wireless Access Point, FIPS/TAA
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba AP105 (AP-105)
Access PointAruba AP105
AP105, Access Point (Wireless, Dual Radio)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Aruba AP-104 (AP-104)
Access PointAruba AP-104
AP-104, 104 Wireless AP - 802.11N 2x2: 2, DUAL RADIO, ANT CONNECTOR
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Motorola AP650 (AP-0650-66030-OUS)
Access PointMotorola AP650
AP650, : Dual Radio With Internal Antenna, US, Out
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Motorola AP 622 (AP-0622-66030-US)
Access PointMotorola AP 622
AP 622, AP0622: 802.11n Dep 2-Rad Internal Antenna
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Motorola AP621 (AP-0621-60020-US)
Access PointMotorola AP621
AP621, AP0621: 802.11n Dep 1-Rad external antenna, US Only
Ships Free Today $211.75
Aerohive AP170 (AH-AP-170-N-FCC)
Access Point
AP170, The AP170 is designed for high bandwidth demand outdoor wireless environments. With extended temperature range and a watertight chassis, the AP170 can deployed in most every outdoor environment on earth. With four antennas and the ability to provide service concurrently on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, the AP170 provides both high speed mesh and support for 802.11n as well as legacy 802.11a, b, and g clients, through Aerohiveâ€s industry unique and resilient controller-less architecture. Requires License for HiveManager Online Service. Can be either 8x5 or 24x7 Support Option in 1, 3, or 5-Year Increments.
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Ruckus Zone Flex 7782 (901-7782-US81)
Access PointRuckus Zone Flex 7782
Zone Flex 7782, -E 802.11n Outdoor Wireless Access Point, 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent dual band, Dual Ethernet ports, PoE in, POE out, 100-250 VAC, IP-67 Outdoor enclosure, -40 to 65C Operating Temperature, six external antenna connectors for 2.4/5GHz operation, Includes mounting kit, GPS antenna, 1 year warranty. Does not include external antennas, RF cables, PoE Injector or AC Power cord. This part requires the purchase of WatchDog Support.
Ships Free in 3-5 Days

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Top Access Point Brands
Motorola Access Point Motorola Access Point
Motorola is an industry-leader in data capture technology that tailors to various industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, and healthcare. With a comprehensive product offering, Motorola is capable of being your one-stop shop for barcode scanners, handheld computers, RFID readers, tablets, and wireless access points/controllers. Check out our top products and full portfolio of Motorola equipment.
Symbol Access Point Symbol Access Point
Symbol Scanners are the industry leader in barcode scanning, known for their reliability and performance in all conditions. Symbol scanners provide you with an economical and long lasting solution to all of your data collection needs.
Cisco Access Point Cisco Access Point
Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications, and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of these networks. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage.
Ruckus Access Point Ruckus Access Point
Ruckus Wireless is supplier of advanced wireless systems for the mobile "Internetworking" market. The company markets and manufactures a wide range of indoor and outdoor "Smart Wi-Fi" products for mobile operators, broadband service providers and corporate enterprises around the world.
Zebra Access Point Zebra Access Point
Zebra delivers innovative and reliable bar code and specialty label printing solutions to businesses and governments in 90 countries around the world.