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Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark III (EP2-00-1J000Q40)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark III
E-Class Mark III, Thermal transfer, Wireless, Tear, DPL, MPU-4000
Ships Free Today $944.68
Retail $1308
Save 27%
Datamax-O'Neil E-4205A (EA2-00-0JP05A00)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil E-4205A
E-4205A, 5 ips DT 64MB Serial Parallel USB LAN, NET
Ships Free Today $364.00
Retail $504
Save 27%
Datamax-O'Neil I-4606e (I16-00-48000007)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil I-4606e
Ships Free Today $2,311.85
Retail $3201
Save 27%
Datamax-O'Neil M4206 (KD2-00-08000Y07)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil M4206
M4206, II Direct thermal Printer (203 dpi, 4 inch Print width, 6 ips Print speed, LAN and 8MB)
Ships Free Today $833.64
Retail $1311
Save 36%
Datamax-O'Neil M4206 (KD2-00-08000000)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil M4206
M4206, Direct thermal Printer (203 dpi, 4 inch Print width, 6 ips Print speed, 8MB Flash and Media Hanger)
Ships Free Today $663.92
Retail $1076
Save 38%
Datamax-O'Neil H4212 (C42-00-48400007)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil H4212
H4212, 4" Thermal transfer Internal rewind., Ethernet/Serial/USB, US Power supply
Ships Free Today $1,885.50
Retail $2787
Save 32%
Datamax-O'Neil PrintPad (200532-100)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil PrintPad
PrintPad, MC65/67 PRINTPAD, RS-232, Bluetooth, E-CHARGE
Ships Free Today $1,102.29
Retail $1485
Save 25%
Datamax-O'Neil H6310 X (C63-00-48E00004)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil H6310 X
H6310 X, H-6310X Thermal transfer Printer (Peel and Present with Rewind)
Ships Free Today $3,496.50
Retail $5017.60
Save 30%
Datamax-O'Neil H-4606X (C46-00-48000004)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil H-4606X
H-4606X, Direct thermal Transfer Printer (Bi-Directional)
Ships Free Today $3,407.97
Retail $4895
Save 30%
Datamax-O'Neil H4606 (C36-00-48000007)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil H4606
H4606, Thermal transfer 4.16" width, 6"/sec, 609 dpi, Serial-Parallel-USB-Ethernet interface, 3" media hub and US power cord. Tall display.
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $4648
Save 30%
Datamax-O'Neil M4308 (KA3-00-48000007)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil M4308
M4308, Thermal Transfer Printer (300 dpi, 8 ips, 4.16" print width, Bi-Directional)
Ships Free Today $1,047.24
Retail $1593
Save 34%
Datamax-O'Neil E-4204B (EB3-00-1J005B00)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil E-4204B
E-4204B, E-4304B 4 ips Thermal transfer 64MB Serial U SB, NETIRA
Ships Free Today $401.55
Retail $556
Save 27%
Datamax-O'Neil I-4310 e Mark II (I13-00-48400007)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil I-4310 e Mark II
I-4310 e Mark II, I4310E I CLASS MARK II 300 DPI TT Internal rewind Serial Parallel USB
Ships Free Today $1,604.08
Retail $2221
Save 27%
Datamax-O'Neil (EP2-00-1J000P00)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil
E4206P PRO 203 dpi 6 ips 64MB FL Thermal transfer Serial Parallel USB LAN HOST Real-time clock
Ships Free Today $478.75
Retail $636
Save 24%
Datamax-O'Neil H-6310X (C63-00-480000Z4)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil H-6310X
H-6310X, 8MB Flash Printer Bi-Directional TT, RFID ready no IR
Ships Free Today $3,195.62
Retail $4601
Save 30%

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Types of Bar code Printer
Top Bar code Printer Brands
Cognitive Printer Cognitive Printer
Cognitive Printers feature the easy-to-use clamshell design enabling quick and easily media (label roll) replacement. Cognitive thermal barcode printers offer a variety of options for a diverse set of specific environments.
Datamax Printer Datamax Printer
Datamax and O'Neil are subsidiaries of Dover Corporation. The Datamax family of desktop printers coupled with O'Neil's complete line of mobile printers provides printing solutions for any industrial, corporate, or enterprise environment.
Intermec Printer Intermec Printer
Intermec is not only a manufacturer of fine bar code label printers it also specializes in turning those bar code labels into the information you need to make your company run. Intermec currently offers products that include batch handhelds, windows Ce devices, wireless LAN, pen based computers, printers, vehicle mounted computers, RF handhelds, RFID technology and software.
SATO Printer SATO Printer
Sato manufactures thermal transfer & direct thermal Barcode label printers.
Zebra Printer Zebra Printer
Zebra delivers innovative and reliable bar code and specialty label printing solutions to businesses and governments in 90 countries around the world.
Dymo Printer Dymo Printer
Dymo is fast-becoming the worldwide leader in providing innovative labeling solutions that help people organize and identify their world: home, office or worksite. Dymo offers a complete range of products, from simple embossers, manual label makers and desktop products to industrial portables and computer-connected products. Dymo label makers offer diverse functionality, including bar code, address checking and much more.
TROY Printer TROY Printer
TROY is a worldwide leader of secure on-demand printing solutions. TROY solutions manage, secure and simplify end-to-end enterprise printing environments. TROY offers application software, security printing hardware and specialized consumables for securely printing checks, money orders, transcripts, prescriptions and other important documents.
Printronix Printer Printronix Printer
Printronix is the market leader in multi-technology supply-chain printing solutions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Printronix provides market coverage across the globe, with a product breadth that meets a diverse set of customer requirements. We operate five manufacturing facilities and 17 sales and support locations that serve users in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. As a global company, Printronix has developed printers that offer languages to support its worldwide user base.
cab Printer cab Printer
cab is setting new technological benchmarks in developing and manufacturing devices and systems for product labeling and product marking. Barcode printers are as much part of their delivery program as label printers, print and apply and marking laser systems. Customers from the manufacturing, service industries and trade rely on their high quality standards.
AirTrack Printer AirTrack Printer
AirTrack is an industry-leading manufacturer of enterprise asset intelligence hardware that enable businesses to capture and manage data about their assets, people, and transactions to improve productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience in a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, warehousing, and others. AirTrack's technology portfolio of scanners and printers, as well as fully compatible labels and ribbon, incorporate industry-leading capabilities at highly competitive price points and fully backed by robust warranty service.
Epson Printer Epson Printer
Epson Printer are fast and reliable for any POS application.
Honeywell Printer Honeywell Printer
Honeywell provides portable power solutions for handheld scanners, handheld computers, printers, and vehicle mounted computers. With quality that is regarded as the best in the world, Honeywell scanners are durable and reliable for retail, specifically designed for manufacturing, and healthcare operations. Honeywell handheld computers are ideal for field mobility, warehousing, and logistics operations. Honeywell acquired Handheld, Metrologic, LXE, and Intermec, who were all leading scanning, mobility, and printing manufacturers in the industry. Choose a Honeywell scanner, handheld computer, or barcode printer below, or contact one of our sales representatives for a quantity discount.
Related Categories
Bar code Software Bar code Software
Barcode Giant carries all the barcode software you need for barcode label printing and design. Why pay a premium to have somebody print your labels when you can simply buy our barcode labels, barcode printers, and barcoding software from top brands like Seagull Scientific, Niceware, Teklynx, and Wasp. Our barcode printing software give you the tools you need to create and print barcode labels of any size, making it easier to manage your product line efficiently. Our barcode software gives you the ability to customize your barcode labels to create and edit the label size, image, color, logo, orientation, and barcode symbology. Check out our barcoding software products below or call one of our representatives for a quantity discount.
Portable Printer Portable Bar code Printer
Portable Bar code Printer for mobile applications. Models capable of printing direct thermal or thermal transfer bar code labels.
Ribbon Bar code Ribbon
All popular sizes of wax, wax-resin and resin thermal transfer ribbon are ready for immediate delivery. If your thermal transfer printer is running low on thermal transfer ribbon we have the manufacturer specified ribbon that will meet your printer’s requirements. Not finding what you need? We have special order options in different sizes, materials and colors for every thermal transfer label and thermal transfer barcode label printer.
Label Bar code Printer Label
Thanks to the selection of products we offer at Barcode Discount, printing labels on demand has never been easier. When you have the proper barcode printers and compatible ribbon and labels, print jobs become a snap. That’s why our catalog of products includes a huge selection of direct thermal and thermal transfer labels, made by top brands like Zebra, Intermec and Datamax-O’Neil. Whether you’re looking for blank labels, custom pre-printed labels or aren’t sure which labels will suit your situation best, Barcode Discount is your resource for getting the barcode printing you need. Our talented experts can provide personalized advice on selecting labels to suit your specific application and needs. Search through our catalog of direct thermal, thermal transfer, paper, vinyl and other labels below to learn more.
Print head Thermal Print head
A dirty or damaged thermal printhead can cause printed barcodes and labels to be unreadable or unscannable. Look no further than Barcode Discount for the replacement thermal printhead for you makes and model of thermal transfer or direct thermal printers.