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Direct Part Marking (DPM) Bar code Scanner

Direct part marking (DPM) barcode scanners and mobile computers are equiped with imagers capable of reading barcodes that are etched or imprinted directly into the surface of materials such as plastic and metal.

All Direct Part Marking (DPM) Bar code Scanners

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Datalogic PD9530-DPM (PD9530-DPM)
Barcode ScannersDatalogic PD9530-DPM
PD9530-DPM, Scanner Only, 2D Direct Part Mark Scanner. Cables sold separately.
Ships Today $773.40
Retail $1334
Save 42%
Motorola DS 3578 (DS3578-DP2F005WR)
Barcode ScannersMotorola DS 3578
DS 3578, SCANNER ONLY. 2D Imager, DPM, Cordless, FIPS Security Encryption. Cradle, cables, and accessories must be purchased separately.
Ships Today $1,083.86
Retail $1595
Save 32%
Motorola DS 3508 DPM (DS3508-DP20005R)
Barcode ScannersMotorola DS 3508 DPM
DS 3508 DPM, SCANNER ONLY. Direct Part Mark (DPM) Imager, Rugged Handheld Corded Scanner. Does not include necessary cables. See accessories.
Ships Today $940.93
Retail $1445
Save 34%
Motorola MC 9190 G (MC9190-G50SWEYA6WR)
Portable Data TerminalsMotorola MC 9190 G
MC 9190 G, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), DPM 2D Imager Windows CE 6.0, 256MB RAM/1GB ROM, 53 key keypad, Bluetooth. Interface and power cables sold separately.
Ships Today $2,278.95
Retail $3395
Save 32%
Intermec SR61HD (SR61TDPM-USB001)
Barcode ScannersIntermec SR61HD
SR61HD, SR61THD DPM Ind High Dens Area Im USB K
Ships Today $771.73
Retail $1195
Save 35%
Motorola DS 6707 (DS6707-DP20001ZZR)
Barcode ScannersMotorola DS 6707
DS 6707, SCANNER ONLY, 2D imager, DPM (Direct Part Marking) Reading Capability. For digital scanning/HD focus. Cables and accessories must be purchased separately. These include USB (Part# CBA-U01-S07ZAR) or RS-232 Serial cables (Part# CBA-R01-S07PAR) and a Power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-253R). Color: White.
Ships Today $1,540.06
Retail $2195
Save 29%
Intermec (SR61BDPM-CB-001)
Barcode ScannersIntermec
Kit, Includes Hd/Dpm Scanner, Battery, Charge Base And Power supply, Order Power cord Separately
Ships Today $983.48
Retail $1500
Save 34%
Motorola MC 55 A0 (MC55A0-P60SWQQA9WR)
Portable Data TerminalsMotorola MC 55 A0
MC 55 A0, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), Bluetooth, 2D DPM Imager, Camera, Windows Mobile 6.5, QWERTY Keyboard, 256MB/1GB Flash, Extended Battery.
Ships Today $1,586.70
Retail $2355
Save 32%
Datalogic PowerScan PD8590-DPM (PD8590-DPM)
Barcode ScannersDatalogic PowerScan PD8590-DPM
PowerScan PD8590-DPM, USB Kit, 2D Imager, Direct Part Marking Scanner. Includes USB cable.
Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,464.35
Retail $2541
Save 42%
Intermec (SR61TDPM-002)
Barcode ScannersIntermec
SR61THD DPM Indust High Dens Area Imager
Ships Today $754.56
Retail $1155
Save 34%
Microscan HS-41x (FIS-HS41X-0001G)
Barcode ScannersMicroscan HS-41x
HS-41x, 2D Handheld DPM Reader, USB, 6 ft. Straight Cable
Ships in 24-48 Hours $895.00
Motorola DS457DP (DS457-DP20009)
Fixed ScannersMotorola DS457DP
DS457DP, SCANNER ONLY, Fixed Mount 2D Imager, DPM. Cables and Accessories Must Be Purchased Separately. These Include USB (Part# 25-58926-04R) Or RS-232 Serial Cables (Part# 25-58918-02R) and A Power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-253R).
Ships in 24-48 Hours $726.18
Retail $995
Save 27%
Motorola MC 67 (MC67NA-PJABAA00300)
Portable Data TerminalsMotorola MC 67
MC 67, Gps, 4G Wwan Hspa+, Wlan 802.11a/b/g/N, 2D Dpm Imager, Windows Mobile 6.5, 512Mb/2Gb, QWERTY Key, Bluetooth, Extended 1.5X 3600 mAh Battery - Dpm Certfication Required
Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,481.58
Retail $3195
Save 53%
Intermec (SR61BDPM-002)
Barcode ScannersIntermec
Ships Today $849.29
Retail $1295
Save 34%
Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500-DPM (PBT9500-DPMRB)
Barcode ScannersDatalogic PowerScan PBT9500-DPM
PowerScan PBT9500-DPM, SCANNER ONLY, 2D DPM Imager, High Density, Direct Part Marking Optics. Cradle, power supply, and cable sold separately.
Ships in 24-48 Hours $724.59
Retail $1500
Save 51%

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