Mobile Bar code Scanner

Mobile Bar code Scanner is often used to describe three different types of Bar code Scanner:

Cordless Bar code Scanner
Send scanned bar codes wirelessly to a base-station connected to a computer
Batch Bar code Scanner
Store a limited number of scanned bar codes internally before transmitting them to a computer wirelessly or when docked into their base-station
Hand Held Computer
Mobile Hand held computers with a built in bar code scanner. They can sync their data to a computer via a cable or send and receive information through a wireless network.

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All Mobile Bar code Scanners

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Unitech MS910 (MS910-CUBB00-SG)
Bar code ScannerUnitech MS910
MS910, Cordless Scanner, Linear Imager, Bluetooth, USB Cable
Ships Free Today $142.20
Retail $200
Save 28%
Motorola CS 3070 (CS3070-SR10007WW)
Bar code ScannerMotorola CS 3070
CS 3070, Batch/Bluetooth Scanner, 1D Laser, 512MB Flash Memory. Includes USB Cable.
Ships Free Today $237.60
Honeywell Granit 1911i (1911IER-3USB-5)
Bar code ScannerHoneywell Granit 1911i
Granit 1911i, USB Kit, Cordless, 2D Imager, ER Focus. Includes Communication/Charging base and USB cable.
Ships Free Today $802.55
Retail $1233
Save 34%
Motorola LI 4278 (LI4278-TRBU0100ZWR)
Bar code ScannerMotorola LI 4278
LI 4278, USB Kit, Linear Imager, Cordless. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable. Color: Black. For faster charging purchase power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-253R).
Ships Free Today $388.80
Honeywell 1202g (1202G-2USB-5)
Bar code ScannerHoneywell 1202g
1202g, USB Kit, Cordless 1D Laser. Includes cradle and cables. Color: Black
Ships Free Today $298.18
Retail $489
Save 39%
Motorola LI 4278 (LI4278-SR7R0110SRN)
Bar code ScannerMotorola LI 4278
LI 4278, Serial (RS-232) Kit, Linear Imager, Cordless. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger), RS-232 Cable, and power supply. Color: Black
Ships Free Today $388.80
Honeywell 3820 (3820SR0C0B-0IA0E)
Bar code ScannerHoneywell 3820
3820, PS/2 Kit, 1D Imager. Includes PS/2 cable, charing/communications cradle, and power supply. Color: White
Ships Free Today $586.00
Retail $886
Save 33%
Symbol LS3578ER (LS3578-ERBU0100UR)
Bar code ScannerSymbol LS3578ER
LS3578ER, USB Kit, 1D Laser, Cordless, Extended Range. Includes Charging and Communications Cradle, USB cable, Power supply, and Line Cord.
Ships Free Today $902.16
Honeywell Xenon 1902 (1902GSR-2USB-5)
Bar code ScannerHoneywell Xenon 1902
Xenon 1902, USB Kit. 2D Imager, Standard Range. Includes charge and communications base, and USB cable. Color: Black.
Ships Free Today $746.06
Retail $1128
Save 33%
Datalogic PowerScan PM8300 (PM8300-910RBK1)
Bar code ScannerDatalogic PowerScan PM8300
PowerScan PM8300, USB Kit. Laser scanner, standard range, no display, no keypad, with removable battery. Includes base station, power supply, US line cord, and USB cable.
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $1135
Save 44%
Motorola MC40-HC (MC40N0-HLK3R01)
Hand Held ComputerMotorola MC40-HC
Ships Free Today $1,232.00
Socket Cordless Hand Scanner 7Ci (CX2870-1409)
Bar code ScannerSocket Cordless Hand Scanner 7Ci
Cordless Hand Scanner 7Ci, 1D Linear Imager, Cordless, Vibrate. Cradle not included (Part# AC4054-1381). Color: Gray. Works with Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android.
Ships Free Today $205.44
Unitech HT 630 (HT630-9000BADG)
Hand Held ComputerUnitech HT 630
HT 630, Mobile Computer - Batch - 1D Laser Scanner - DOS - 2.5MB RAM - 27 key Alphanumeric Keypad - Includes Battery - Includes USB Cable - Includes Power Adapter
Ships Free Today $484.70
Retail $745
Save 34%
Motorola WT41N0 (WT41N0-T2H27ER)
Hand Held ComputerMotorola WT41N0
WT41N0, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Touch Screen, 2-Color Keypad, 512MB/2GB, Windows CE 7.0, Extended Battery. Interface cables and charging cradle sold separately.
Ships Free Today $2,329.25
AML LDX-10 (LDX10-0003-00)
Hand Held ComputerAML LDX-10
LDX-10, Batch, CCD Scanner, Pre-loaded AML DC Suite Data Collection Software, 3200 MAH Battery, 24-key Alpha-Numeric Keypad. Includes USB cable.
Ships Free Today $548.25

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