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Serial (RS-232) Bar code Scanner

RS232 Serial Bar code Scanner connect to the computer's serial port and send its information to the screen or to any program. Serial Bar code Scanner are more complex than Keyboard Wedge Bar code Scanner, but are much more versatile: bar code data can be edited, re-ordered or changed before it is displayed, allowing customization of applications collecting and using bar code data.

All Serial (RS-232) Bar code Scanners

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Motorola DS 9208 (DS9208-SR4NNR01A)
Bar code ScannerMotorola DS 9208
DS 9208, RS-232 Kit. Includes RS-232 cable and power supply. Color: Black
Ships Today $278.58
Retail $397
Save 29%
Metrologic MS 2320 (MK2320KD-61B141)
Bar code ScannerMetrologic MS 2320
MS 2320, Full size scanner-scale RS-232 kit. Includes RS-232 cable, remote display, power supply, & diamonex glass.
Ships Today $2,057.56
Retail $3072
Save 33%
Symbol LS 2208 (LS2208-7AZR0100DR)
Bar code ScannerSymbol LS 2208
LS 2208, RS-232 Kit, 1D Laser. Includes RS-232 cable, power supply, and stand. Color: Black
Ships Today $140.21
Retail $205
Save 31%
Metrologic MS 3780 Fusion (MK3780-61B41)
Bar code ScannerMetrologic MS 3780 Fusion
MS 3780 Fusion, RS-232 kit. Omnidirectional Laser. Includes coiled RS-232 cable, power supply, and stand. Color: Dark gray
Ships Today $196.85
Retail $319
Save 38%
Honeywell 7120 Orbit (MK7120-31B41)
Bar code ScannerHoneywell 7120 Orbit
7120 Orbit, RS-232 kit, 1D Laser, Omnidirectional. Includes 9.5' straight RS-232 cable. Color: Black.
Ships Today $217.22
Retail $352
Save 38%
Symbol LS 3578 FZ (LS3578-FZBR0100UR)
Bar code ScannerSymbol LS 3578 FZ
LS 3578 FZ, RS-232 Kit, 1D Laser, Cordless, Fuzzy Logic. Includes Charging and Communications Cradle, RS-232 cable, Power supply, and Line Cord.
Ships Today $733.16
Retail $1029
Save 28%
Datalogic GD4410 (GD4410-BKK20)
Bar code ScannerDatalogic GD4410
GD4410, RS-232 Serial Kit for Magellan. 2D imager, IBM46xx/OEM USB/RS-232 interfaces. Includes RS-232 Cable (Part# CAB-362). Color: Black.
Ships Today $269.13
Retail $435
Save 38%
Symbol LS3408FZ (LS3408-FZAR0200AR)
Bar code ScannerSymbol LS3408FZ
LS3408FZ, RS-232 Serial Kit, 1D Laser, Fuzzy Logic. Includes Scanner, 9' coiled RS-232 Cable, Power supply and Quick Reference Guide.
Ships Today $406.13
Retail $570
Save 28%
Metrologic MS 3580 Quantum T (MK3580-31B41)
Bar code ScannerMetrologic MS 3580 Quantum T
MS 3580 Quantum T, RS-232 Kit. Omnidirectional Laser. Includes RS-232 cable, power supply, and weighted base with rubber boot. Color: Black
Ships Today $218.43
Retail $346
Save 36%
Honeywell 3820i (3820ISR-SERKITAE)
Bar code ScannerHoneywell 3820i
3820i, RS-232 kit. Includes cordless scanner, communication/charging cradle, RS-232 cable, power supply, and line cord (US).
Ships Today $716.78
Retail $1078
Save 33%
Datalogic Magellan 8400 (84213603-101130300)
Bar code ScannerDatalogic Magellan 8400
Magellan 8400, High Performance Scanner-Scale (Long, DLC Plat, Dual RS-232 Cable and US Power supply)
Ships Today $1,281.92
Retail $3345
Save 61%
Datalogic Magellan 8300 (83213603-005130200)
Bar code ScannerDatalogic Magellan 8300
Magellan 8300, Scanner-Scale (Long DLC Top, English, US Power supply, RS-232 Interface Cable and No Display)
Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,142.81
Retail $2975
Save 61%
Datalogic Gryphon I: GBT 4100 (GBT4130-BK-BTK2)
Bar code ScannerDatalogic Gryphon I: GBT 4100
Gryphon I: GBT 4100, RS-232 Kit, Linear Imager. Includes Base/Charger, RS-232 cable, and power supply. Color: Black. Requires line cord (Part# 90ACC1886).
Ships Today $398.36
Retail $684
Save 41%
Datalogic PowerScan PM8300 (PM8300-D910RBK2)
Bar code ScannerDatalogic PowerScan PM8300
PowerScan PM8300, RS-232 Kit. Laser Scanner, standard range, with display and 3 key keypad. Includes base station, power supply, US line cord and RS-232 cable.
Ships Today $884.87
Retail $1787
Save 50%
Metrologic MS 9520 Voyager (MK9520-32B41)
Bar code ScannerMetrologic MS 9520 Voyager
MS 9520 Voyager, RS-232 kit, 1D Laser. Includes RS-232 cable, power supply, and stand. Color: Black.
Ships Today $117.25
Retail $190
Save 38%

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