Bar code Equipment for Scanning and Printing

We have a complete assortment of bar code scanning and printing products for your business needs.

Bar code Scanning Equipment & Hardware

Bar code Scanner Bar code Scanner
Barcode Giant carries all types of Bar code Scanner: Handheld, USB, cordless, counter-top, in-counter, industrial, serial (RS 232), wireless, WiFi 802.11b, laser, raster, CCD, imager... and more!
Hand Held Computer Hand Held Computer
Handheld Bar code Scanner equipped portable data terminals and data collectors. batch or wireless (Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n), Windows Mobile or Palm OS, Handheld PDA with Bar code scanning capabilities.
Industrial Bar code Scanner Industrial Bar code Scanner
Industrial Bar code Scanner for use in high speed assembly line and high volume bar coding environments.
Bar code Verifier Bar code Verifier
Bar code verifiers can guarantee the bar codes you print are high quality and 100% compliant to the symbology specifications. Assure full compliance with customer mandated job requirements.
Asset Tracking Software Asset Tracking Software
Keep your asset tracking information up-to-date with asset tracking software. From computers and supplies to tools and vehicles, tracking who has an item and where it is can often prevent loss and/or theft. Tracking assets is easy when the software is combined with a Bar code Scanner. We offer trial-version downloads of our popular titles.
Inventory Software Inventory Software
Inventory software for control, tracking, and management of small business, warehouse, retail or POS inventory and assets. Bundle with a bar code scanner or other barcode equipment for a complete inventory management system solution. Download a free inventory software demo program for your computer.

Bar code Printing & Thermal Label Printing Equipment & Supplies

Bar code Printer Bar code Printer
Thermal transfer and direct thermal Bar code Printer. Suitable for light or industrial printing needs.
Portable Bar code Printer Portable Bar code Printer
Portable Bar code Printer for mobile applications. Models capable of printing direct thermal or thermal transfer bar code labels.
RFID Printer RFID Printer
Radio frequency (RF) printers for printing smart tags and labels.
Color Label Printer Color Label Printer
A Color Label Printer excels at delivering high quality color label printing including photos, labels and even bar code.
Ticket Printer Ticket Printer
Ticket printers for ticket printing.
Print Engine Print Engine
Direct thermal and thermal transfer print engines for high volume, assembly line, bar code labeling applications.
Bar code Printer Label Bar code Printer Label
Printing labels on demand has never been easier. With the proper barcode printers and compatible ribbon and labels, print jobs are a snap. Our huge selection of direct thermal and thermal transfer
Bar code Ribbon Bar code Ribbon
All popular sizes of wax and resin Bar code Ribbon are ready for immediate delivery, with thousands of others available by special order. Sizes and colors for every Bar code Printer.
Thermal Print head Thermal Print head
Thermal Print head for all makes and models of thermal transfer and direct thermal bar code label printers.
RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system. Applied to packages, pallets or individual items, RFID tags store the item data essential to any RFID-based tracking system.
Wristband Wristband
Medical Wristband improve accuracy and speed of hospital tasks by allowing printing and scanning of patient information and bar codes directly on the wristbands. Attraction and Amusement Wristband enable cashless point of sale and access management with print-on-demand bar coded wristbands.
Bar code Label Rewinder Bar code Label Rewinder
Bar code Label Rewinder for your Bar code Printer
Bar code Software Bar code Software
Bar code software for bar code label printing and design. Create and print bar code labels of any size using static, serialized or database driven data.
RFID Software RFID Software
Radio frequency (RF) encoding is made easy with our selection of RFID Software packages.
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One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your printer is to remember to regularly clean its printhead. Cleaning cards, cleaning swabs, and cleaning pens are the simplest and most efficient way to properly maintain your printhead to get the longest life from it.