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ID Tech (SPT3-355-12-1NN0N-0C-KT)
Bar code Badge Card Reader
Ships Free Today $66.10
Retail $155
Save 57%
MagTek uDynamo (21073092-PLUGNPAY)
Credit Card ScannerMagTek uDynamo
Ships Free Today $110.50
Retail $175
Save 36%
ID Tech Secure Mag (IDRE-335133B)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech Secure Mag
Secure Mag, (USB, HID, 3-Track, Encrypted) - Color: Black
Ships Free Today $64.87
Retail $153
Save 57%
ID Tech Mini Mag II (IDMB-337112B)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech Mini Mag II
Mini Mag II, RS-232, Black, Reads tracks 1 & 2, Port Powered. Includes RS-232 cable.
Ships Free Today $50.09
Retail $108
Save 53%
Posiflex (SD4049037)
Credit Card ScannerPosiflex
SD400 Magnetic Card Reader, 3-Track, Digital Personal FP and USB, For the KS6615 Series
Ships Free Today $193.49
Retail $304
Save 36%
MagTek eDynamo (21079802)
Credit Card ScannerMagTek eDynamo
eDynamo, Secure Magstripe/Contact EMV Reader, Securely accept magstripe and chip cards using your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices.
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Unitech MS146 (MS146-ITCB00-SG)
Credit Card ScannerUnitech MS146
MS146, Slot Scanner, Infrared, Laser Emulation (9-Pin Squeeze)
Ships Free Today $61.21
Retail $90
Save 31%
HP (FK186AT)
Credit Card ScannerHP
MSR with USB interface and brackets. Track 1/2/3, black.
Ships Free Today $79.47
Retail $107
Save 25%
MagTek BulleT (21073082)
Credit Card ScannerMagTek BulleT
BulleT, Secure Magnetic Car Reader (Bluetooth interface, battery powered, requires MSR Key).
Ships Free Today $122.22
Retail $175
Save 30%
ID Tech Mini Mag II (IDMB-333133B)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech Mini Mag II
Mini Mag II, Keyboard wedge, Black, Keyboard Emulation, Reads tracks 1, 2, & 3. Includes PS/2 cable.
Ships Free Today $53.35
Retail $128
Save 58%
ID Tech Mini Mag II (IDMB-333133)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech Mini Mag II
Mini Mag II, Keyboard wedge, White, Keyboard Emulation, Reads tracks 1, 2, & 3. Includes PS/2 cable.
Ships Free Today $53.35
Retail $128
Save 58%
ID Tech Omni (WCR3237-533)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech Omni
Omni, Tracks 1, 2, & 3, Keyboard wedge interface. Includes PS/2 Y-cable. Color: black.
Ships Free Today $110.72
Retail $249
Save 55%
ID Tech Mini Mag Duo (IDMB-355133BX)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech Mini Mag Duo
Mini Mag Duo, USB-HID, Tracks 1, 2, & 3, Bottom Cable Exit. Color: Black.
Ships Free Today $54.84
Retail $133
Save 58%
ID Tech Omni Barcode-Stripe Reader (WCR3227-733)
Bar code Badge Card ReaderID Tech Omni Barcode-Stripe Reader
Omni Barcode-Stripe Reader, Omni Heavy Duty Slot Reader (RS-232, 3-Track and Infrared)
Ships Free Today $155.89
Retail $300
Save 48%
ID Tech UniPAy III (IDMR-AB93133)
Credit Card ScannerID Tech UniPAy III
UniPAy III, 3 in 1 Mobile Payment Reader, Magnetic Stripe (MSR), SmartCard, and Contactless Reader. Compatible with iOS and Android. Color: Black
Ships Free Today $121.00
Retail $168
Save 27%

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Types of Credit Card Scanner
Top Credit Card Scanner Brands
ID Tech Card Scanner ID Tech Card Scanner
IDTech Card Readers (MSR) manufactured by ID TECH, allow users a durable and easy-to-apply line of Magnetic Stripe readers/writers to security applications, point-of-sale, and other applications. IDTech also manufactures barcode slot readers, smart card readers.
Logic Controls Card Scanner Logic Controls Card Scanner
Logic-Controls Customer Displays & Card Readers (MSR) Logic Controls Customer Displays & Card Readers (MSR) from Logic Controls, Inc., are part of an extensive line of POS industrial components which are easily integrated into any PC-based system. Hardware or software drivers are not required; making these components truly easy to use and apply.
MagTek Card Scanner MagTek Card Scanner
MagTek Card Readers (MSR) & Check Readers - MagTek, Inc is the world's leading supplier of magnetic stripe card readers and a leading provider of MICR check readers and check imaging devices to financial, hospitality and Gaming organizations to provide easy connectivity, optimize interaction with customers and to improve cost efficiencies.
Unitech Card Scanner Unitech Card Scanner
Unitech was founded in 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan, to provide the local market with customized microprocessor-based automation systems. For the past eighteen years, Unitech has been focusing on automatic data collection products and services to enhance productivity and efficiency.
UIC Card Scanner UIC Card Scanner
Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) has been a leader in Electronic Commerce/Data Collection components and systems for Banking, Retail, Access Control, Lead Capture and Auto-ID solutions since its inception in 1983. UIC designs, develops and manufactures easy-to-use products that combine affordability and reliability with high quality and performance.
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