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Cherry G84-4100 (G84-4100LPAUS-0)
POS KeyboardCherry G84-4100
G84-4100, General Purpose Keyboard (U-Slim, 83 key, LSRD Keycap and without Window PS/2) - Color: Black
Ships Free Today $79.55
Retail $90
Save 11%
Cherry G80-3000 (G80-3000LSCEU2)
POS Keyboard
G80-3000, Keyboard 19.7In, International 104 Position Key Layout, Usb Connector And Ps/2 Adapter, Mx Gold Crosspoint Keyswitches, Click Actuation, Black, Nc/Nr
Ships Free Today $89.98
Retail $130
Save 30%
ID Tech M150 (IDKE-534833BE)
POS KeyboardID Tech M150
M150, USB/KB, enhanced encryption format, 15 key, 3 track. Color: Black
Ships Free Today $90.24
Retail $198
Save 54%
Cherry G86-6340 SPOS Rows and Columns Series (G86-63410EUADAA)
POS KeyboardCherry G86-6340 SPOS Rows and Columns Series
G86-6340 SPOS Rows and Columns Series, SPOS, 142 Programmable/Relegendable US layout, 14 inch, USB Interface, MSR with Tracks 1, 2 and 3, Row and Column Layout, IP 54 Spill and Dust Resistant Key Field, Color: Black
Ships Free Today $135.94
Retail $178
Save 23%
Cherry SPOS Keyboard Series (G86-61411EUAEAA)
POS KeyboardCherry SPOS Keyboard Series
SPOS Keyboard Series, Light Gray 14" USB keyboard with 3-track magnetic stripe reader and touchpad. US 123 position key layout with 20 additional keys. 123 programmable and 60 relegendable keys. IP 54 spill & dust resistant key field. Includes 'Cherry Tools' configuration software and UPOS drivers.
Ships Free Today $153.37
Retail $185
Save 17%
ID Tech VersaKey POS (IDKA-334433B)
POS KeyboardID Tech VersaKey POS
VersaKey POS, Compact Programmable Keyboard, USB Interface, MagStripe Reader, Tracks 1, 2, and 3. Color: Black
Ships Free Today $115.52
Retail $228
Save 49%
Cherry G86-6240 SPOS Biometric Keyboard (G8662461EUADAA)
POS KeyboardCherry G86-6240 SPOS Biometric Keyboard
G86-6240 SPOS Biometric Keyboard, G86-6246 Keyboard (SPOS, Bio, 14 inch, USB with Touchpad, UPEK, TCS2 Bio, 3-Track MSR) - Color: Black
Ships Free Today $206.76
Retail $242
Save 14%
Cherry MPOS QWERTY (G86-51400EUADAA)
POS KeyboardCherry MPOS QWERTY
MPOS QWERTY, G86-5140 Keyboard (MPOS, QWERTY, 12 inch and 83 Programmable) - Color: Black
Ships Free Today $79.89
Retail $100
Save 20%
ID Tech VersaKey 230 POS (IDKA-334312B)
POS KeyboardID Tech VersaKey 230 POS
VersaKey 230 POS, Compact, Magnetic Swipe Reader Tracks 1 and 2, USB, Black
Ships Free Today $81.40
Retail $198
Save 58%
Logic Controls (KB1700U-IN-BK)
POS KeyboardLogic Controls
Ships Free Today $132.88
Unitech K2714 (K2714U-B)
POS KeyboardUnitech K2714
K2714, MSR (Dual Track), 104 Keys, USB, Black
Ships Free Today $80.73
Retail $130
Save 37%
ID Tech SecureKey (IDKE-234133B)
POS KeyboardID Tech SecureKey
SecureKey, USB-KEYBOARD, 104 key, 3 TRACK, BLK
Ships Free Today $97.85
Retail $198
Save 50%
Cherry (G84-4100LCMEU-2)
POS Keyboard
84-4100, 11in Ultra Slim Keyboard, Us International Layout, 86 Position Key With Windows Keys, Includes USB And Ps/2 Connector, Blacl, Ncnr, Minimum Order Quantity 126
Ships Free Today $76.46
Retail $99
Save 22%
Cherry LPOS G86-71400 (G86-71400EUAEAA)
POS KeyboardCherry LPOS G86-71400
LPOS G86-71400, USB keyboard, US 131 position key layout with 42 additional keys, Interface USB 2.0, 131 Programmable and 42 Relegendable keys, Includes Cherry Tools configuration software and UPOS drivers, Light Gray color
Ships Free Today $119.06
Preh KeyTec (90328-600/1800)
POS Keyboard
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $294
Save 34%

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Types of POS Keyboard
Top POS Keyboard Brands
ID Tech Keyboard ID Tech Keyboard
IDTech Card Readers (MSR) manufactured by ID TECH, allow users a durable and easy-to-apply line of Magnetic Stripe readers/writers to security applications, point-of-sale, and other applications. IDTech also manufactures barcode slot readers, smart card readers.
Logic Controls Keyboard Logic Controls Keyboard
Logic-Controls Customer Displays & Card Readers (MSR) Logic Controls Customer Displays & Card Readers (MSR) from Logic Controls, Inc., are part of an extensive line of POS industrial components which are easily integrated into any PC-based system. Hardware or software drivers are not required; making these components truly easy to use and apply.
Cherry Keyboard Cherry Keyboard
Cherry Keyboards are recognised as a market leader throughout the industry. Made in Germany, Cherry keyboards offer outstanding quality and functionality. The extensive range offers affordable solutions for a wide variety of customer requirements. All Cherry keyboards are available in a 19" rack model, and with either AT or P/S 2 connectors. The range includes Business keyboards, Professional keyboards, Comfort keyboards, Slim line keyboards and Advanced Performance keyboards.
Preh Keyboard Preh Keyboard
Preh Keyboards are a part of the range of products of industrial electronics which includes both fields of POS data systems and operating and control systems. Preh has a high level of know-how in both development and production in these fields and also implements a high standard of quality. With our operating and control systems, standard keyboards, OEM keyboards, TFT monitors and keypads as well as touchscreens, we can help you find solutions for individual and for customized problems. Furthermore, Preh has a great deal of know-how and many years of experience in finding OEM and project/planning solutions.