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Payment Terminal

With most sales transactions being paid for with credit and debit cards today, Payment Terminal are a convenient, accurate, and secure way to process payments. Depending on the model and your payment service provider, you can easily process cards independently or alongside your POS system. With hardware that is PCI PED compliant, you also meet all PCI legal requirements while protecting your customer's sensitive personal information.

All Payment Terminals
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Ingenico iSC250 (iSC250-01P2395A)
Payment TerminalIngenico iSC250
iSC250, Signature Capture, 4.3' Screen, Color Display, PCI 4.X device, Video/Audio Capability EMV, NFC enabled. Power supply and cables sold separately.
Ships Today $511.99
Retail $820
Save 37%
VeriFone MX880 (M094-509-01-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone MX880
MX880, (Smart card, Touch, Signature Capture, Ethernet, PCI, PED 2.x)
Ships Today $695.11
Retail $960
Save 27%
Ingenico iPP 350 (IPP350-11P1914A)
Payment TerminalIngenico iPP 350
iPP 350, Pin Pad, Color Display, PCI 3.X device, Contactless, EMV, NFC enabled. Power supply and cables sold separately.
Ships Today $323.43
Retail $518
Save 37%
VeriFone MX860 (M094-407-01-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone MX860
MX860, MX 860, PCI PED 2.X, MX 860, TCH, Ethernet, SIG
Ships Today $551.19
Retail $750
Save 26%
VeriFone mx850 (M094-207-01-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone mx850
mx850, MX 850, PCI PED 2.X, MX 850, TCH, SIG, Ethernet
Ships Today $477.51
Retail $670
Save 28%
Ingenico iPP320 (IPP320-11P2391A)
Payment TerminalIngenico iPP320
iPP320, Pin Pad, Monochrome Display, PCI 3.X device, Contactless, EMV, NFC enabled. Power supply and cables sold separately.
Ships Today $262.24
Retail $420
Save 37%
Ingenico iSMP Companion (iMP352-01P2288A)
Payment TerminalIngenico iSMP Companion
iSMP Companion, Mobile Device Communicates via Bluetooth to iOS, Android, & Windows tablet. EMV, NFC enabled, Monochrome Display. Wall charger included.
Ships Today $624.38
VeriFone MX 880 (M094-507-01-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone MX 880
MX 880, PCI PED 2.X, MX 880, TCH, Ethernet, SIG
Ships Today $638.18
Retail $900
Save 29%
Equinox L5300 (010360-011R)
Payment TerminalEquinox L5300
L5300, USB, HOST 2, Ethernet, PoweredUSB SD. Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments.
Ships Today $436.00
Retail $761
Save 42%
Equinox Optimum L 4150 (010338-005R)
Payment TerminalEquinox Optimum L 4150
Optimum L 4150, Data Terminal. (Does not include cables, power supplies or line cords). Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments. Please call for more information.
Ships Today $405.36
MagTek IPAD (30050202)
Payment TerminalMagTek IPAD
Ships Today $254.83
VeriFone MX870 (M094-107-01-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone MX870
MX870, Terminal (Touchscreen Signature, Ethernet, PCI PED 2.0)
Ships in 24-48 Hours $617.67
Retail $880
Save 29%
Intuit (431798)
Payment Terminal
POS Telium IPP350 Pin Pad/CC, Pin Pad/Credit and Debit Card Reader.
Ships Today $349.99
MagTek IPAD-SC (30050400)
Payment TerminalMagTek IPAD-SC
IPAD-SC, Signature capture pinpad for IPAD, USB, 3 track mag stripe, 128x64 pixel screen, black rubber, 6 ft. cable. Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments. Please call for more information.
Ships Today $302.08
VeriFone MX830 (M090-307-05-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone MX830
MX830, Payment Device (Base Ethernet, Non-Sig and Non TCH), Requires (Part# A-MX870APP-LI)
Ships Today $277.33
Retail $570
Save 51%

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Types of Payment Terminal
Top Payment Terminal Brands
VeriFone Payment Terminal VeriFone Payment Terminal
VeriFone is leading the industry in the delivery of solutions that add value to the point of sale, resulting in improved merchant retention and the generation of new sources of revenue for its partners and customers.
Ingenico Payment Terminal Ingenico Payment Terminal
Ingenico provides retail merchants with reliable, secure electronic transaction terminals designed to speed customer check-out while reducing the merchant's overall cost of business. Ingenico has solutions for the small independent merchant right through to the large, multi-national, multi-lane merchant requiring customized software and hardware installations. Ingenico products and services are used by banking, retail, petroleum, transportation, healthcare industries and governments to ensure the secure acceptance and flow of electronic commerce. Today, more daily transactions in the USA originate on Ingenico terminals than any other brand.
Equinox Payment Terminal Equinox Payment Terminal
Equinox Payments, LLC, is an industry-leading point-of-sale terminal manufacturer and applications developer that is comprised of Hypercom Corporation's former operations plus a significant number of platform development, security, supply chain and other key experts to create a highly-competitive, standalone company. Equinox offers a wide-array of payment terminals that serve as content delivery platforms in both customer-activated and merchant-activated settings.
Hypercom Payment Terminal Hypercom Payment Terminal
Hypercom Corporation is one of the largest global providers of complete electronic payment solutions and value-added services at the point-of-transaction. Hypercom delivers a full suite of high security, end-to-end electronic payment products and services to customers that include large domestic and international financial institutions, electronic payment processors, large retailers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and distributors. Their solutions enable businesses in more than 100 countries to securely expand their revenues and profits.
MagTek Payment Terminal MagTek Payment Terminal
MagTek Card Readers (MSR) & Check Readers - MagTek, Inc is the world's leading supplier of magnetic stripe card readers and a leading provider of MICR check readers and check imaging devices to financial, hospitality and Gaming organizations to provide easy connectivity, optimize interaction with customers and to improve cost efficiencies.
UIC Payment Terminal UIC Payment Terminal
Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) has been a leader in Electronic Commerce/Data Collection components and systems for Banking, Retail, Access Control, Lead Capture and Auto-ID solutions since its inception in 1983. UIC designs, develops and manufactures easy-to-use products that combine affordability and reliability with high quality and performance.
ID Tech Payment Terminal ID Tech Payment Terminal
IDTech Card Readers (MSR) manufactured by ID TECH, allow users a durable and easy-to-apply line of Magnetic Stripe readers/writers to security applications, point-of-sale, and other applications. IDTech also manufactures barcode slot readers, smart card readers.


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