Specialty Plastic ID Card

  • Recycled and biodegradable options
  • Multi-purpose rewriteable cards
  • Low cost visitor badges
  • Secure badges that expire over time
  • Adhesive backed PVC cards

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All Specialty Plastic ID Cards

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Evolis (C5201)
Plastic ID CardEvolis
Blank 30 MIL PVC Cards, Black Image, Re-Writable, 100 Cards per case (Priced and Sold in Carton Only) Color: White Card with Black Text. Compatible with Tattoo RW Printer.
Ships in 3-5 Days
Retail $270
Fargo Universal Plastic Card Accessories (82135)
Plastic ID CardFargo Universal Plastic Card Accessories
Universal Plastic Card Accessories, Rewritable Cards, 30 mm Cards, PVC on Opposite Side, 100 Cards
Ships in 3-5 Days
Call for price.

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