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Datamax-O'Neil E-4204B Thermal Printers (EB2-00-0J005B00)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil E-4204B Thermal Printers
E-4204B Thermal Printers, Direct thermal Printing, 4 " print width, 203 dpi, 64MB, Serial and USB Interfaces.
Ships Free Today $271.33
Retail $396
Save 31%
TSC TTP 247 (99-125A013-F1LF)
Bar code PrinterTSC TTP 247
TTP 247, Performance Kit:, Includes USB, Serial, Parallel and Internal Ethernet, Thermal transfer, 203 dpi, 5 ips, TSPL-EZ, 8" outer diameter external unwinder, real-time clock, USB cable included.
Ships Free Today $486.50
Retail $695
Save 30%
Zebra 140Xi4 (140-801-00200)
Bar code PrinterZebra 140Xi4
140Xi4, Thermal transfer Industrial Printer (203 dpi, Ethernet, USB, Serial (RS-232), and Parallel interfaces, 5" max print width, 16MB SDRAM, Rewinder and Peeler, Clear Media Side Door & Media Hanger). Includes power supply. Cables sold separately. See accessories.
Ships Free Today $4,058.75
Retail $4775
Save 15%
Citizen CMP30i (CMP-30LBTIU)
Portable Bar code PrinterCitizen CMP30i
CMP30i, Mobile thermal printing, 3 inch width, 100 mm/sec speed, 203 dpi, USB and Bluetooth interfaces, Apple iOS compatible, Label Option.
Ships Free Today $459.72
Retail $720
Save 36%
Zebra P4T (P4D-0UG00000-00)
Portable Bar code PrinterZebra P4T
P4T, Thermal transfer Mobile Printer, 203 dip, 4" print width, 8MB/16MB, US/Canada English, USB, Wireless 802.11g, Standard Media Handling, US/Canada Grouping, Carrying Strap and Battery included.
Ships Free Today $1,226.61
Retail $1593
Save 23%
Zebra ZD420 (ZD42042-C01W01EZ)
Bar code PrinterZebra ZD420
ZD420, Thermal transfer Printer, 4" print width, 203 dpi, USB, Wi-Fi (802.11AC), Bluetooth 4.1
Ships Free Today $537.00
Retail $895
Save 40%
Zebra ZT400: ZT420 (ZT42063-T210000Z)
Bar code PrinterZebra ZT400: ZT420
ZT400: ZT420, Thermal transfer printing, 300 dpi, 6" print width, USB/RS-232/Ethernet/Bluetooth interfaces, Cutter, PR
Ships Free Today $3,237.84
Retail $4497
Save 27%
Intermec PD43 (PD43A03100010201)
Bar code PrinterIntermec PD43
PD43, Thermal transfer Printer, 203 dpi, Ethernet and USB Interfaces. Includes US power cord.
Ships Free Today $844.95
Retail $1165
Save 27%
Printronix T8304 (T83X4-1100-0)
Bar code PrinterPrintronix T8304
T8304, Thermal Transfer Printer (4" wide, 300 DPI)
Ships Free Today $2,358.75
Retail $3145
Save 25%
Bar code PrinterSATO CL4NX: CL412NX
CL4NX: CL412NX, CL4NX - Thermal transfer, 4" print width, 300 dpi, Parallel/Serial/USB/Bluetooth/Ethernet Interfaces.
Ships Free Today $1,245.78
Retail $2090
Save 40%
Zebra 105SLPlus (102-801-00100)
Bar code PrinterZebra 105SLPlus
105SLPlus, Thermal transfer printing, 203 dpi, 4" print width, Ethernet 10/100, USB, Parallel, Serial (RS-232) Interfaces, Cutter. Includes US power supply. Cables sold separately.
Ships Free Today $2,081.31
Retail $2703
Save 23%
TSC TTP 247 (99-125A013-00LF)
Bar code PrinterTSC TTP 247
TTP 247, 203 dpi, Thermal transfer, 7 ips, 8MB DRAM, 4MB FLASH, USB, Serial, Parallel.
Ships Free Today $381.50
Retail $545
Save 30%
CognitiveTPG DLXi (DBD42-2085-G1E)
Bar code PrinterCognitiveTPG DLXi
DLXi, Direct thermal Printer, 4.2", 203 dpi, 8MB, 5 ips, 100-240 VAC Power supply, USB-A, Serial, Ethernet, US Power cord
Ships Free Today $511.38
Retail $783.02
Save 34%
TSC ME-240 (99-042A053-44LF)
Bar code PrinterTSC ME-240
ME-240, 203 dpi, Thermal transfer, 6 ips, 8MB DRAM, LCD DISPLAY, Real-time clock, Ethernet, USB, USB-AHOST, SD FLASH, SERIAL, 450 METER RIBBONS, TSPL-EZ LANG, US POWER CABLE, USB CABLE
Ships Free Today $801.50
Retail $1145
Save 30%
Datamax-O'Neil I-4212 e (I12-00-48000007)
Bar code PrinterDatamax-O'Neil I-4212 e
I-4212 e, Thermal Transfer printing, 203 DPI, Serial, Parallel, and USB interfaces, Real-time clock and US Power Supply. Cables sold separately. See accessories.
Ships Free Today $1,010.93
Retail $1644
Save 38%

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Types of Portable Bar code Printer
Top Portable Bar code Printer Brands
Datamax-O'Neil Portable Printer Datamax-O'Neil Portable Printer
Datamax-O'Neil is a trusted global provider of stationary and portable label and receipt printing solution products that enable manufacturing and supply markets to capture the benefits of automated product identification and automated legal and financial transactions. The Datamax family of desktop printers coupled with O'Neil's complete line of mobile printers provides printing solutions for any industrial, corporate, or enterprise environment.
Intermec Portable Printer Intermec Portable Printer
Intermec is not only a manufacturer of fine bar code label printers it also specializes in turning those bar code labels into the information you need to make your company run. Intermec currently offers products that include batch handhelds, windows Ce devices, wireless LAN, pen based computers, printers, vehicle mounted computers, RF handhelds, RFID technology and software.
Zebra Portable Printer Zebra Portable Printer
Zebra delivers innovative and reliable bar code and specialty label printing solutions to businesses and governments in 90 countries around the world.
Dymo Portable Printer Dymo Portable Printer
Dymo is fast-becoming the worldwide leader in providing innovative labeling solutions that help people organize and identify their world: home, office or worksite. Dymo offers a complete range of products, from simple embossers, manual label makers and desktop products to industrial portables and computer-connected products. Dymo label makers offer diverse functionality, including bar code, address checking and much more.
Epson Portable Printer Epson Portable Printer
Epson Printer are fast and reliable for any POS application.
SATO Portable Printer SATO Portable Printer
Sato manufactures thermal transfer & direct thermal Barcode label printers.