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Frick Small Sling Tag (WF-SM-30SS)
RFID TagFrick Small Sling Tag
Small Sling Tag, Constructed of solid vulcanized rubber, the SM-30-S RFID tag has a braided stainless steel nylon-coated cable for use as a sling and hang tag on heavy duty cables, chains and other fasteners. It's quick to attach but indestructable.With its extreme impact-resistance and durability, the SM-30-S is perfect for use in harsh outdoor environments. The tag's annodized aluminum plate can include barcode, 2D barcode serial number and logo. Minimum order quantity of 100
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Frick Frac Tag (WF-SM-30D)
RFID TagFrick Frac Tag
Frac Tag, The FRAC tag has RFID technology embedded in solid vulcanized rubber, making it extremely impact resistant, waterproof and durable. The tag is perfect for harsh outdoor environments encountered by industries like oil and gas. Use it for tagging pipes, factory equipment and other valuable assets. The 3/16th inch braided stainless-steel nylon-coated attachment cable comes in a variety of lengths, making this a highly adaptable tag that can be securely fastened to a variety of items. Minimum order quantity of 100
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Frick Rectangle Rubber Tag (WF-SM-30)
RFID TagFrick Rectangle Rubber Tag
Rectangle Rubber Tag, Constructed of solid vulcanized rubber, the SM-0030 RFID tag offers extreme impact resistance and durability. It is perfect for harsh environment applications such as tagging factory equipment and valuable pipelines. A variety of sizes, shapes and attachment methods are available. This tag also is available with a rounded top (WF-SM-0030R). Minimum order quantity of 100
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Intermec RFID Tag Intermec RFID Tag
Intermec is not only a manufacturer of fine bar code label printers it also specializes in turning those bar code labels into the information you need to make your company run. Intermec currently offers products that include batch handhelds, windows Ce devices, wireless LAN, pen based computers, printers, vehicle mounted computers, RF handhelds, RFID technology and software.
Printronix RFID Tag Printronix RFID Tag
Printronix is the market leader in multi-technology supply-chain printing solutions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Printronix provides market coverage across the globe, with a product breadth that meets a diverse set of customer requirements. We operate five manufacturing facilities and 17 sales and support locations that serve users in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. As a global company, Printronix has developed printers that offer languages to support its worldwide user base.
Zebra RFID Tag Zebra RFID Tag
Zebra delivers innovative and reliable bar code and specialty label printing solutions to businesses and governments in 90 countries around the world.
Impinj RFID Tag Impinj RFID Tag
Impinj, Inc. is the world's leading innovator in UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions for both item-level and supply-chain tagging. Impinj draws on its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver a wide range of products and solutions, comprising high-performance tag chips, readers, reader chips, software, antennas and RFID subsystem integration. Impinj's products provide robust performance, integration and cost effectiveness to a global customer base across numerous vertical markets with applications including inventory management, asset tracking, authentication and serialization.
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RFID Reader RFID Reader
Barcode Giantcarries a broad inventory of RFID Readers that are ideal for the warehouse, retail, healthcare, and other environments. We can offer a handheld RFID reader for the mobile workforce as well as a fixed RFID reader for pallet and item tracking. Our RFID readers can come equipped with the right frequency (UHF, HF, or LF) to ensure that they are compatible with your RFID tags and labels. Browse below to select the right RFID reader for your application or call us for a volume discount
RFID Printer RFID Printer
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) printers are used in cohesion with our Printing RFID Software. to print and encode RFID labels. We have a large selection of industrial RFID printers for high volume printing or desktop RFID printers for low volume printing. We also offer mobile RFID printers for the on-the-go worker. Check out our large selection of RFID printers below from top brands such as Zebra, Intermec, and Printronix.

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