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TSL 1139 Smart Card Reader (1139-01-SO-MC9X00-CAC)
Smart Card ReaderTSL 1139 Smart Card Reader
1139 Smart Card Reader, Snap-On CAC Card and Smart card Reader for the Motorola MC90xx and MC91xx. Compliant with ISO7816-1,2,3,4.
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TSL 1084 Biometric Tri-Scan Reader (1084-03-SO-TSR-DEMO)
Smart Card ReaderTSL 1084 Biometric Tri-Scan Reader
1084 Biometric Tri-Scan Reader, Demo Kit - Includes Biometric Tri-Scan Reader (Optical Fingerprint Sensor, Contact, and Contactless Smart card) for the Motorola MC70, MC75, and MC75A, Sample Smart cards, Demo CD, and Display Case.
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TSL 1060 Smart Card Reader (1060-02-SO-MC75-CSC)
Smart Card ReaderTSL 1060 Smart Card Reader
1060 Smart Card Reader, Contact Smart card Reader for Motorola MC70/75/75A
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Apriva Smart Card Reader Apriva Smart Card Reader
Founded in 1999, Apriva is the leading wireless solutions provider integrating the hardware, software and network infrastructure required to develop and deploy high-performance high-reliability solutions in the Point of Sale (POS) and Secure Mobile Messaging markets. Apriva offers end-to-end solutions for Point of Sale that make it easy and cost-effective to develop, deploy and maintain highly secure and reliable business critical mobile applications.