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Motorola RMU2080d (RMU2080d)
Two-way RadioMotorola RMU2080d
RMU2080d, Business Walkie, Durable Motorola UHF 2 Watt, 8 Channel, Display, 250K sq ft, 20 floors, Lithium-ion battery, charger, belt clip, replaced RDU2080d, NOAA weather alerts
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Motorola Two-way Radio Motorola Two-way Radio
Motorola is an industry-leader in data capture technology that tailors to various industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, and healthcare. With a comprehensive product offering, Motorola is capable of being your one-stop shop for barcode scanners, handheld computers, RFID readers, tablets, and wireless access points/controllers. Check out our top products and full portfolio of Motorola equipment.

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