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Aruba (JW009A)
Wireless AntennaAruba
2.4-2.5GHz (4dBi) / 4.9-5.875GHz (6dBi), High-Gain Dual-band Omnidirectional Detachable Antenna, RP-SMA Connector, Direct mount, White, Indoor use only
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Aruba Universal Access Point Accessories (JW027A)
Wireless AntennaAruba Universal Access Point Accessories
Universal Access Point Accessories, Omnidirectional Antenna (Pair 5GHz, N-Male to N-Female)
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Aruba Accessories (JW026A)
Wireless AntennaAruba Accessories
Accessories, Pair 5GHz Antenna (Direct Mount, Pole Mount)
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Aruba Antennas (JW011A)
Wireless AntennaAruba Antennas
Antennas, 2.4-2.5GHz (2dBi) / 4.9-5.875GHz (2dBi), compact omnidirectional direct-mount indoor antenna. RP-SMA, white
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