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CipherLab 1861 RFID Reader

A peripheral device that is used in supplement to Bluetooth-enabled mobile computers, the 1861 allows CipherLab's own 8400 or 9600 series, and other branded mobile computers to snap onto its holder, in order to provide you with additional UHF RFID read/write ability on top of traditional barcode capture. A user can easily switch between RFID tag reading and barcode reading via a reader switch on the 1861; it is thus suited for operations that require extreme flexibility in data acquisition options. Workers are now able to read and write, from ground level, RFID tags in pallets that are stacked high. Tested for durability, the 1861 can survive multiple drops onto concrete from 1.5 m (5ft.), and 1,000 tumbles at 1 m (3 ft.), which ensures continued productivity even in the case of careless falls onto unforgiving surfaces. In addition, it is rated IP64, ensuring protection against harsh environments, such as warehouses, logistic centers, and factories.
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A1861UBKBU101 1861, RFID Reader, UHF, Handheld, Compatible with Apple iOS and Android. Includes US Adapter, Micro USB Cable, and Two (2) Batteries with Charger.
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