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Photo of Citizen CTS281 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS281
The Citizen CTS281 is the industry's most advanced two-inch thermal printer. Featuring a powerful one million cut rated auto-cutter that supports both full and partial cuts, hi-speed text and graphics, and two-dimensional bar code printing...
Photo of Citizen CT-S310II Printer As low as
Citizen CT-S310II
The Citizen CT-S310II is a green step forward towards reducing negative impact on the environment and it is Energy Star qualified. The power supply is the most eficient at managing power consumption and is built-in to eliminate the "brick" and free...
Photo of Citizen CTS601 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS601
The Citizen CTS601 is your Next Best Printing Solution for your receipt applications as it not only offers more features for less price than any other competitive model, but also it is fully compatible with previous Citizen models - making the...
Photo of Citizen CTS651 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS651
The Citizen CTS651 is your Next Best Printing Solution for your receipt applications as it not only offers Front Exit and more features for less money, but also it is fully compatible with previous Citizen models and with competitive models...
Photo of Citizen CTS801 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS801
The Citizen CTS801 is the first in a new line of revolutionary "Intelligent" printers, featuring the industry's first POS printer with a back lit graphic LCD display that communicates with you. It is ideal for a variety of applications from...
Photo of Citizen CTS851 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS851
The Citizen CTS851 represents the industry's first "Front Exit" and "Intelligent" POS printer with a back lit graphic LCD display, which includes an editor to customize display messages - a great value-add for end users. The CTS851 is ideal for a...
Photo of Citizen CTS2000 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS2000
CTS2000 thermal printer offers high speed printing with selectable paper widths up to 112 mm. CTS2000 printer is ideal for printing applications that require larger amounts of data or information, including secure prescription printing. CTS2000...
Photo of Citizen CTS4000 Printer As low as
Citizen CTS4000
CTS4000 Thermal Printer is a two-color, thermal printer capable of real-world speeds up to 220 mm/second and offers variety of advanced printer features including: Citizen's Spill-Shield design to prevent damage from moisture or foreign objects to...
Photo of Citizen CBM910 II Printer As low as
Citizen CBM910 II
The Citizen CBM910 II is a compact, palm-sized dot-impact printer that provides users with unparalleled features within the impact printer class. It utilizes a plethora of applications from data-logging, coin-counting, instrumentation and...
Photo of Citizen CDS500 Printer As low as
Citizen CDS500
The Citizen CDS500 is a cost-effective, high-speed (5 lines per second) receipt printer that features drop-in paper loading in a compact and versatile design. With the CDS500, business owners such as hospitality, restaurant, hotel or retail can save...
Photo of Citizen IDP3550 Printer As low as
Citizen IDP3550
Designed for such applications as receipts, journals, kitchen, ticket, and credit/debit card transactions, the IDP3550 series has a cash drawer kick out feature that can control two drawers. The IDP3550 series also features a 6k-byte memory buffer,...
Citizen Parts
Products and parts from Citizen.
Photo of Citizen CMP-20i Printer As low as
Citizen CMP-20i
The Citizen CMP-20 two-inch portable printer is designed to be simple to use and easy to operate. This, combined with the durable, strong plastic case able to take the occasional knock, means the CMP-20 just keeps running and running. The CMP-20 is...
Photo of Citizen CBM-920II Printer As low as
Citizen CBM-920II
The CBM-920II was designed for installation as a receipt printer in industrial plants. For outstanding efficiency and the special paper loading mechanism and the paper end sensor captures. The sturdy construction ensures maximum reliability in a...
Photo of Citizen CT-P293 Printer As low as
Citizen CT-P293
The CT-P293 is a frame-mountable thermal printer with easy drop-in paper loading. It is suitable for many different applications in data acquisition and measurement technology.
Photo of Citizen CT-P291 Printer As low as
Citizen CT-P291
The CT-P291 is a panel mount receipt printers with a print width of 72 mm. Ideal for use where a printer mechanism may have been considered due to its 'integrated design', these printers provide a simple and finished product that can be connected as...
Photo of Citizen PMU-2300 Printer As low as
Citizen PMU-2300
Need flexibility and have minimal space? The PMU-2300 thermal kiosk printer is the ideal solution for kiosk applications where space is a premium and flexibility is a must. Based on the new high-speed LT-2220/2320 series thermal mechanisms, these...
Photo of Citizen PPU-700II Printer As low as
Citizen PPU-700II
The PPU-700II thermal kiosk printer is the most modular and flexible kiosk printer for paper width, interfaces, firmware settings, and mechanism orientation. The PPU-700II works in a wide variety of kiosk applications to provide fast reliable...
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