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Cognex DM8000 Series: DM8100 & DM8500 Scanner

The rugged Cognex DM8000 Series: DM8100 & DM8500 of readers offers the industry's most advanced technology for reading 1D and 2D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface, and is the only handheld ID reader that offers Industrial Ethernet communication and liquid lens technology. These readers feature patented IDMax technology and two powerful algorithms, 1DMax and 2DMax, to decode virtually every type of code, every time, with unsurpassed read rates. The DM8000 Series: DM8100 & DM8500 is available in two models, each with patented IDMax algorithms, liquid lens technology, modular communication and optional Industrial Ethernet capabilities: The DataMan 8100, with an integrated bright field illumination ideal for applications that require superior performance without specialty lighting, and the DataMan 8500, which incorporates Cognex's patented UltraLight technology for superior image formation on any mark type and surface. UltraLight illumination provides dark field, bright field and diffuse lighting all in one electronically controlled light.
DM8000 Series: DM8100 & DM8500 Options

Cognex DM8000 Series: DM8100 & DM8500 Details

  • 2DMax+ for best-in-class Direct Part Mark reading performance for 2-D codes
  • 1DMax+ with Hotbars for the fastest reading of 1-D symbologies
  • Corded and wireless options
  • Integrated liquid lens technology for maximum application flexibility and depth-of-field
  • Modular communications support RS-232/USB, Industrial Ethernet and wireless
  • Rugged ergonomic design for the demanding factory floor environment
  • The DataMan 8500 model features the Cognex's patented UltraLight illumination (bright field, dark field and diffuse lighting) for all material types and surfaces
  • DataMan Setup Tool software for easy initial set up and application evaluation