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e-IVR Community Notification does automated outbound notification broadcasting. Spread your message by telephone, email, or fax. The broadcasts draw from school-supplied phone, email, or fax lists. Multiple lists and multiple messages make possible a vast range of uses (ranging from emergencies or school-closings, to up-coming events, etc.). The call recipient can be given the option to transfer to staff during available hours. Un-completed calls can be logged for reporting and retried later. This type of notification allows the school to blast information to parents, teachers, staff and employees outside, as well as during, normal school hours. In the case of an overnight weather event or emergency, the system could be initiated remotely, hours before staff would typically be on-site. e-IVR Community Notification In some cases no news is bad news. Get the word out fast. As always, self-service, efficiency and convenience are at the core of all our applications.
e-IVR Community Notification Options
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Computer Instruments e-IVR Community Notification Details

  • Broadcast phone calls, emails, or faxes
  • Call-result reporting
  • Easy to administer and maintain
  • Gets the word out�fast
  • Initiates remotely, providing maximum time-delivery flexibility
  • Virtually labor-free, cost effective automated process
  • Wide range of notification uses (emergency, school closing, events, etc.)