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CubiScan's advanced dimensioning and weighing systems are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, distribution, and freight manifesting operations. Their patented dimensioning systems will provide accurate and reliable product dimensions and weight for all of the items in your warehouse or shipping application. CubiScan Dimensioning and Weighing Systems logo

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Photo of CubiScan 100 Scale CubiScan 100
The CubiScan 100, an integrated cubing and weighing system, gives you total control in any distribution center or warehouse application. Imagine the benefits of collecting your package information (weight and size) quickly and consistently""there's...
Photo of CubiScan 110 Scale CubiScan 110
With a new twist on static dimensioning, the CubiScan 110 provides you with a flexible and ergonomic layout for maximum throughput and productivity. Working with its length and width sensors to the sides, the 110 allows for pass-through package...
Photo of CubiScan 125 Scale CubiScan 125
The CubiScan 125 is a small static cubing system that uses a combination of sensing technologies to measure and weigh irregular-shaped parts and components as well as boxed items. Small parts and non-cuboidal items are measured with great precision...
Photo of CubiScan 150 Scale CubiScan 150
The CubiScan 150 is robust, with a maximum measurement range of 39 x 40 x 48 inches (100 x 100 x 120 cm) and a net weight capacity of 150 lbs (70 Kg). Yet it is precise, with a measurement resolution of 0.1 inches (0.2 cm) and weight resolution of...
Photo of CubiScan 1200-AKL Scale CubiScan 1200-AKL
The CubiScan 1200-AKL is a large-scale static dimension scanning device that can work in conjunction with a heavy-capacity floor scale (or in a standalone position when weight is not required). Its overhead-mounted sensor configuration provides a...
Photo of CubiScan 30 Scale CubiScan 30
Designed exclusively for use in the book publishing industry, the Cubiscan 30 uses laser technology to give precise tolerances and total control as you measure the length and width of books. Plus, you can measure a book"s thickness thanks to a...
Photo of CubiScan 200-TS Scale CubiScan 200-TS
The CubiScan 200-TS is an integrated in-motion dimensioning and weighing system. This dual functionality, in one concise footprint, gives you the power to quickly measure and weigh your parcels on-the-fly. Using infrared light-technology, the 200-TS...
Photo of CubiScan 210-SS Scale CubiScan 210-SS
The CubiScan 210-SS is a new generation "above-the-belt" in-motion dimensioning system which can quickly be installed above existing flat (powered) conveyor belt, thus eliminating the need to breach a conveyor to "drop in" a cubing system. The...
Photo of CubiScan 210-DS Scale CubiScan 210-DS
The CubiScan 210-DS is a new generation "above-the-belt" in-motion dimensioning system for measuring irregular shaped items. It can quickly be installed above existing flat (powered) conveyor belt, thus eliminating the need to breach a conveyor to...
Photo of CubiScan CubiScan 75 Scale As low as
CubiScan CubiScan 75
Can weigh parcel types that are cuboidal, boxed, and other know shapes.
Photo of CubiScan CubiScan 25 Scale As low as
CubiScan CubiScan 25
The Cubiscan 25 is a dimensioning system designed to measure and weigh out small, uncharacteristic items for distribution and packaging. It is perfect for applications in receiving, slotting, picking, and carton selection.
Photo of CubiScan CubiScan 325 Scale As low as
CubiScan CubiScan 325
The Cubiscan 325 is designed specifically to measure and weigh medium sized boxes and irregular items with high accuracy. It is great for use in distribution, packaging, and warehousing applications.
Photo of CubiScan CubiScan 225 Scale As low as
CubiScan CubiScan 225
Cubiscan 225 is a powerful dimensioning solution for challenging applications such as measuring large odd shaped items and boxes for distribution, packaging, and in the warehouse.