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CyberCash ICVerify

Software (Multi User V4.0.4, 1 Merchant/4 Users). Used to upgrade multi user versions older than 4.0 to multi user version 4.3. This is considered a new install and will ship with a new serial number. Customers using version 3.x or below will need to purchase new software. Support for version 3.x ended 9/30/07, due to the software being non-compliant for Visa/MasterCard and American Express.

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CyberCash IC Verify POS Software

IC Verify software provides simple, secure handling of banking transactions - including credit authorization/draft capture, check guarantee and ATM/debit card - with more flexibility than standalone POS terminals. IC Verify is used in both traditional retail (general retail, restaurant, hotel) and non-traditional retail (kiosks, catalog mail/phone order, etc.) markets worldwide. IC Verify is certified with most US banks and all major card processing networks. IC Verify is integrated into hundreds of applications and operates in either real time or batch processing mode. This software is for credit card and check verification only. For software with full POS capabilities, please see our POS Software section.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: 453