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The Datalogic DS1100 offers the best cost-effective industrial solution for OEM applications. Specifically designed for easy integration into OEM equipment, the DS1100 provides very compact dimensions, light weight and, obviously, Datalogic's recognized excellent scanning performance. Many applications and customers' needs have been analyzed and taken into great consideration during the DS1100 product development. Thanks to these studies, direct and 90-degree output window versions have the same compact dimensions, allowing very flexible installation. The motor can be switched off and on via software commands, in accordance with application needs, increasing product life and silence during use. Set-up procedures are very easy to follow so the scanner can be quickly configured through WINHOST, the intuitive set-up software. The DS1100 covers a wide reading area, scans very close to the output window and grants optimized performance on high resolution codes, thanks to a full range of specific models.
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DS1100 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
939101000 DS1100, SCANNER, DS1100-1100
Ships Free in 24-48 Hours
Retail $849
Save 30%
939101030 DS1100, SCANNER, DS1100-1111, STD.RES RS-232+RS-485, R1, 90 DEGREE 5 VDC
Ships Free in 24-48 Hours
Retail $868
Save 27%
939101070 DS1100, -2111 Hi-Res, RS-232 +RS-485, R1,90 degrees. Priced per unit. 5 week lead time. Check Availability Call for Details
939101060 DS1100-2110, Hi-Res, RS-232 +RS-485, R1, Dir. Priced per unit. 5 week lead time. Check Availability Call for Details
The Datalogic DS1100 is also known as the Data Logic DS1100 .