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Datalogic Lynx BT 2D-CMOS Scanner

The Datalogic Lynx BT 2D-CMOS handheld reader is the natural evolution of the consolidated Datalogic Scanning experience in 2D-CMOS readers. It frees the operator from cable entanglement thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology radio communication. In fact, in most shop floor, warehouse management and parcel sorting applications as well as in postal environments, the operator needs to move freely around the work place without having to worry about a twisted and/or entangled cable. The Lynx BT 2D-CMOS reader, compliant and certified for the Bluetooth wireless technology 1.2 standard, is the right answer for this need.
Lynx BT 2D-CMOS Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
901601049 Lynx Bluetooth 2D-CMOS, Lynx BT432-E Cordless System (Gun Only) Check Availability Call for Details
901601042 Lynx Bluetooth 2D-CMOS, BT432 imager, includes scanner and base unit. Interface cable and power supply not included. Check Availability Call for Details
901601039 Lynx Bluetooth 2D-CMOS, DL Scan, BT432 Lynx Bluetooth 2D Imager, Gun only Check Availability Call for Details
The Datalogic Lynx BT 2D-CMOS is also known as the Data Logic Lynx BT 2D-CMOS .