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Dialogic DM/V600A Combined Media Board

In a single PC slot, the Dialogic DM/V600A Combined Media Board boards feature 60 ports and provide a robust media feature set, including voice processing and speech recognition (and on select media loads, fax or conferencing capabilities), combined with an extensive suite of network protocols. The boards, available in both H.100 (PCI) and H.110 (CompactPCI) compliant universal form factors, are ideal for service providers and large enterprise applications. This flexibility lets developers build single applications to be deployed on either industry-standard form factor.
DM/V600A Combined Media Board Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
878-312-30 DM/V600A Combined Media Board, DMV600A2E1PCIW - 60-port Digital E1, PCI Check Availability Call for Details