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Digi's EtherLite adds serial ports to an Ethernet network, eliminating the need to install serial adapters inside servers. Unlike the conventional one-session-per-port method, a single TCP/IP session services the traffic from all ports. 2 to 32-port versions are available with 115 Kbps throughput. EtherLite replaces the installation of serial adapters in servers for applications in retail/POS, process control, data collection and console management of clusters, routers, hubs, switches, PBXs and other networking devices with console ports.
EtherLite Options
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70001429 EtherLite, 32 asynchronous serial ports, Multiplexes all serial ports into a single TCP/IP session, Auto-detection of either 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps Ethernet, Baud rate: up to 115 Kbps, Supports DHCP, Rack-mountable, Mounting ears included Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,514.62
Retail $2073
Save 26%
70001427 EtherLite, Lite 160 Terminal Server (16-Port, RS-232 RJ45 Terminal Server) Ships Today $946.99
70001528 EtherLite, Lite 160 Terminal Server (16-Port, RJ45 Serial to Ethernet - International) Ships in 24-48 Hours $877.19
Retail $1139
Save 22%
70001430 EtherLite, 2 Terminal Server (2-Port, RJ45 Serial to Ethernet) Ships Today $529.96
Retail $684
Save 22%