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Elo 2243L Touch screen Monitor

The 22" ELO 2243L open-frame LCD touchmonitor with its slim design and narrow outside dimensions gives kiosk integrators an edge in developing the most aesthetically pleasing products. Wide-aspect displays like the ELO 2243L are easier to use and incorporate than traditional open-frame touchmonitors. Wide-screen format displays allow extra content on the screen and are quickly becoming preferred in casino gaming, amusement and entertainment settings and are increasingly popular in public venue environments due to the high-definition cinematic-like experience. Typical applications for the 2243L include: gaming and amusement, information kiosks and self-service, as well as interactive digital signage applications.
2243L Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
E059181 2243L, LCD Touchmonitor (IntelliTouch, USB, DVI, Clear Glass, Widescreen) Ships Today $506.60
Retail $596
Save 14%
E237584 2243L, Intellitouch Plus, USB, VGA, DVI, LED Backlight Ships Today $506.60
Retail $596
Save 14%
E811441 2243L, PCAP, VGA/DVI, USB, LED Backlight, Multi-Touch Ships Today $672.35
Retail $791
Save 14%
E378034 2243L, LCD Touchmonitor (SecureTouch, Serial/USB, DVI, Clear Glass, Widescreen) Ships in 24-48 Hours $545.70
Retail $642
Save 14%
E001113 2243L, LCD Touchmonitor (IntelliTouch ZB Dual Touch Touch Interface, USB, DVI/Analog VGA, Clear, No Power Brick) Ships in 24-48 Hours $564.40
Retail $664
Save 15%
The Elo 2243L is also known as the Elo Touch Systems 2243L .