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Elo 1529L Touch screen Monitor

The Elo 1529L has been designed for touch from the ground up, with such features as spill-resistant sealing, a stable tilt base that is removable or reversible for wall mounting, a VESA mounting option, connectivity incorporated within the monitor, reducing the number of power bricks and communication cables, and side controls with lockout for public use. Elo's 1529L touchmonitor offers a wide range connectivity, including serial and USB, and a choice of IntelliTouch surface wave, AccuTouch five-wire resistive or CarrollTouch infrared touch technologies. Also available is the 1529L TouchComputer, a silent, fanless integrated all-in-one touchcomputer within the footprint of a 15" LCD monitor.

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1529L Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
E785333 Entuitive 1529L, 15" LCD, TouchMonitor, AccuTouch (resistive) Touch Technology, dual Serial/USB Interface (no USB hub), Tall stand. Color: Beige Ships Today $630.70
E659634 Entuitive 1529L, 15" AccuTouch (resistive) touch technology, USB touch interface, MSR keyboard emulation, with US power supply, Anti-glare surface treatment. Color: Gray Ships Today $713.15
Retail $839
Save 15%
E680845 Entuitive 1529L, 15" Acoustic Pulse technology, USB hub interface, Tall stand, Color: Dark gray Ships in 24-48 Hours $630.70
E700641 Entuitive 1529L, 15" Acoustic Pulse Recognition technology, USB hub interface, Short stand, Color: Dark gray Ships in 24-48 Hours $617.95
E733714 Entuitive 1529L, 15" IntelliTouch (surface wave) touch interface, USB touch interface, MSR keyboard emulation, Anti-glare surface treatment, Color: Gray Ships Today $713.15
Retail $839
Save 15%
E633113 Entuitive 1529L, 15" LCD Desktop Touchmonitor, Surface Capacitive, Dual Serial-USB Touch Interface, and Antiiglare Surface Treatment, Color: Gray Ships in 24-48 Hours $640.90
E353946 Entuitive 1529L, 15" LCD Desktop Touchmonitor (Acoustic Pulse Recognition, USB Hub Interface, Display, MSR-Keyboard and Short Stand) - Color: Dark gray Ships in 24-48 Hours $713.15

Elo 1529L Details

1529L Multifunction 15" LCD Desktop Touchmonitor (3000 Series)


  • Higher brightness, better contrast, and wider viewing angle than most 15" LCDs
  • "Designed for touch" features such as a stable tilt base
  • Available with AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive Technology (activated with fingernails, gloves, credit cards, or any stylus) or, for the ultimate in optics, IntelliTouch Surface-Wave Technology or CarrollTouch Infrared Technology
  • Optional ergonomic 3 stripe MSR available in two versions: USB with keyboard emulation; and USB with human interface driver (HID) class specification 1.1
  • Optional rear-facing customer display available as either a 20x2 USB vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) or a 12.1" LCD monitor with or without touch.
  • Optional biometric fingerprint recognition device
  • USB hub available on certain configurations
  • Choice of gray or beige finish, as well as short or tall monitor stand
  • Single power supply for all optional devices
  • Cables hidden from user's view
  • Built-in speakers located in display head
  • Multilingual on-screen display (OSD) with extras including speaker volume, treble, bass, and balance
  • Mounting holes on base bottom for tabletop security
  • Base removable, VESA mounting option
  • Controls on the side rather than the front, plus lockout function for public use
  • Sealed touchscreen; CarrollTouch version features a seamless watertight seal due to its unique co-molded construction
  • Diagnostic LEDs for touch and video
  • Long-lasting product cycle
  • Worldwide agency approvals


Model 1529L
Series 3000
Availability Worldwide
Case/Bezel color Dark gray or beige
Base Short or tall stand
Display Size: 15" diagonal
Type: Active matrix TFT LCD
Aspect ratio: 4 x 3
Useful screen area Horizontal: 11.98" (304 mm) 
Vertical: 8.98" (228 mm)
Monitor dimensions
(max, with short stand)
Width: 13.99" (355 mm)
Height (inc. base): 11.27" (286 mm)
Depth (inc. base): 10.44" (265 mm)

Dimensions vary with stand type and position

Optimal (native) resolution 1024 x 768
Other supported resolutions 1024 x 768 at 60, 65, 70 or 75 Hz
832 x 624 at 75 Hz
800 x 600 at 56, 60, 72 or 75 Hz
720 x 400 at 70 Hz
720 x 350 at 70 Hz
640 x 480 at 60, 66 Hz (Mac), 72 or 75 Hz
Colors 16.2 million colors, 6 bit with dithering
LCD panel
350 cd/m2 (typical)
LCD panel with touchscreen
AccuTouch: 287 cd/m2 (typical)
CarrollTouch: 322 cd/m2 (typical)
IntelliTouch: 322 cd/m2 (typical)
Response time 25 msec (typical)
Viewing angle
(typical, from center)
Horizontal (left/right): ±75° or 150° total
Vertical (up/down): 75°/50° or 125° total
Contrast ratio 400:1
Power dissipation 30 W typical
Input video format RGB analog; DVI-D
Input video signal connector Mini D-Sub 15-Pin VGA type; DVI-D connector
Input frequency Horizontal: 31E0 kHz
Vertical: 56E5 Hz
Power supply Type: AC/DC input internal power supply
AC input (line) voltage: 85E65 VAC, 47E3 Hz.
DC input (line) voltage: 12.0V ± 0.75V
Power: 50 W max.; only AC power cable supplied; 12V power supply optional
Temperature Operating: 0°C to 40°C
Storage: -20°C to 60°C
Humidity Operating: 20E0%
Storage: 5E5%
(approx., with all options)
Actual: 14.44 lb (6.55 kg)
Shipping: 21.16 lb (9.60 kg)
Warranty Monitor: 3 years
Backlight lamp life: min 40,000 hours to half brightness
Agency approvals UL/cUL (*recognized component), FCC-A, TÃœV-GS, CE, VCCI, C-Tick
Speakers Two watt/channel speakers located in display head
On-screen display (OSD) OSD lockouts for power and user controls
User's controls OSD control menu: menu, up, down, select, power
OSD controls: contrast, brightness, V-position, H-position, RGB, volume, YUV, phase, clock, OSD H-position, OSD V-position, OSD time, auto adjust, OSD language (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese), input select
OSD disable/enable: power, OSD menu
Mounting options 75 mm VESA mount
Removable base
Other features ENERGY STAR
2 stage DPMS
VESA DDC Plug and Play
Kensington lock

Optional Peripherals

LCD Customer Display
Colors 16.2 million colors, 6 bit with dithering
Optimal resolution 800 x 600
LCD panel
180 cd/m2
LCD panel with touchscreen
IntelliTouch: 166 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 150:1
Useful screen area Horizontal: 9.69" (246 mm) 
Vertical: 7.26" (184.5 mm)
Input video format RGB analog
Input video signal connector Mini D-Sub 15-Pin VGA Type
VFD Customer Display
Type Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD), 2 rows, 20 characters/row
Characters 5 x 7 dot matrix configuration, 9.5 mm height, 6.2 mm width, pixel addressable
Format/color ASCII/blue-green
Fingerprint Reader
Type Optical
Verifying time <1 sec
Sensing prism hardness 7 Mohs
Resolution 356 x 292 pixels
Image speed Capture: 600 ms/frame
Transfer: 500 bytes/ms
Image capture error rate <0.1%
Magnetic Stripe Reader
Tracks 3
Message format ASCII
Card speed 3 to 50 inch/sec (7.6 to 127 cm/sec)
The Elo 1529L is also known as the Elo Touch Systems 1529L .