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Elo Entuitive 1547L


Touch screen Monitor
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Elo 1547L Touch screen Monitor

The Elo 1547L is available with Elo's projected capacitive technology, which enables touches to be sensed through a protective layer in front of the display. The 1547L DirectTouch model includes a 7.8 mm sensor with tempered glass outer layer and a minibezel with watertight seal. 1547L ThruTouch touchmonitors include only the touch sensor layer and are designed to work behind customer-supplied non-metallic materials (e.g., a store window, vandal-resistant materials up to 18 mm thick, oversized glass). ThruTouch offers true flat surfaces without bezels, as well as unsurpassed resistance to impacts, scratches and vandalism commonly found in public-access applications.

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Manufacturer part number: E331332