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Elo Entuitive 1529L Touch Computer

15" LCD, TouchComputer, AccuTouch (resistive) Touch Technology, USB and serial Interfaces (no parallel), Windows XP Professional. Color: Dark gray.

POS Touch Computer
This part is replaced by E878086.
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Elo 1529L Touchcomputer POS Touch Computer

The Elo 1529L Touchcomputer integrates an all-in-one touchcomputer within the footprint of a 15" LCD monitor. The retail-rugged 1529L Touchcomputer has been designed for touch from the ground up, with such features as spill-resistant sealing, a short stable tilt base that is removable or reversible for wall mounting, and a choice of Elo touch technology as well as color. The Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP Professional versions of the 1529L Touchcomputer include a hard drive, the Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded versions have solid-state components with no moving parts. Options include a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and rear-facing customer display. The Elo 1529L Touchcomputer offers a wide range of connectivity, including USB and legacy serial ports. Applications for the new all-in-one touchcomputer include loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, POS, casino management, cash systems, and Internet access points such as those for Web surfing and hotel reservations.

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Manufacturer part number: E997301