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Zebra LP2844 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Zebra LP2844.
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LP2443 - Easy Label Loading First Time Every Time
The best in quality, price and performance matched with uncomplicated design features make the LP2443 Eltron's third successful generation of desktop barcode printers.

Ideal for all desktop barcode printing applications and user levels, the Orion's innovative print head design allows easy cleaning and prevents label jams while the self-centering label roll holder makes label loading simple the first time and every time.

With advanced electronic components that offer continuous printing at 2.5 inches-per-second (64mm/second), 512KB Flash memory and 256KB SRAM, the Orion can also store formats, soft fonts and graphics for on-demand customized labels.

Designed for use in many applications, including:

  • Shipping, Packaging, and receiving labeling
  • Retail UPC and EAN labeling
  • Inventory and Laboratory specimen labeling

The LP2443 Replaces the Eltron 2022

The Eltron LP2443 is also known as the Eltron-Zebra LP2443 .