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Epson CaptureOne TM-S1000

Check Scanner (30 DPM, Dark gray, Ranger Interface, AC Adapter and CD)

Check Scanner

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Epson Capture One TM-S100 Check Scanner

The Capture One TM-S100 is ideal for retailers that want to capture checks using back office capture, remote deposit capture or a combination of the two. Our check scanner comes in both a 30 DPM or 60 DPM version and features RDM's MICR algorithms and imaging to provide the highest MICR accuracy of any desktop scanner on the market today. Capture One TM-S100 also features clear electronic endorsements, a double check detector that virtually eliminates double check feeding and a built-in franker that prints a static message on checks to prevent double processing.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: A41A266A8931