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Equinox Payment Terminal

Equinox Payments, LLC, is an industry-leading point-of-sale terminal manufacturer and applications developer that is comprised of Hypercom Corporation's former operations plus a significant number of platform development, security, supply chain and other key experts to create a highly-competitive, standalone company. Equinox offers a wide-array of payment terminals that serve as content delivery platforms in both customer-activated and merchant-activated settings. Equinox Payment Terminal logo

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Photo of Equinox Optimum L 4150 Payment Terminal As low as
Equinox Optimum L 4150
The Equinox Optimum L 4150 is Equinox's PCI PED online and offline approved, high-performance, multi-lane payment and advertising terminal. Utilizing a 200 MHz, 32-bit Intel XScale processor, the Optimum L 4150 is designed to meet the performance...
Photo of Equinox Optimum L 4250 Payment Terminal As low as
Equinox Optimum L 4250
The Equinox Optimum L 4250 terminal is the first PCI PED approved multi-lane payment terminal that supply out-of-the-box, plug-and-play secure PIN entry without the need for add-on components. The Optimum L 4250 terminal is a high-performance...
Photo of Equinox L 5000 Series Payment Terminal As low as
Equinox L 5000 Series
The Equinox L 5000 Series represents the industry's most comprehensive line of high performance, multi-lane terminals that will connect to any point-of-sale register system within any communications protocol including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The L 5000...
Photo of Equinox L5000 Series: L5200 Payment Terminal As low as
Equinox L5000 Series: L5200
The Equinox L5000 Series: L5200 payment terminal features a 400 MHz, 32-bit processor for fast transactions and supports streaming or pre-loaded video clips. With its 64MB memory capacity (128MB optional) and a MicroSD memory expansion slot, the...
Photo of Equinox L5000 Series: L5300 Payment Terminal Equinox L5000 Series: L5300
The Equinox L5000 Series: L5300 has an 18-bit (256K) color, full VGA (640 x 480 resolution), large LCD display, integrated capacitive glass touch screen, audio and video capabilities, and electronic signature capture. This allows the L5000 Series:...
Photo of Equinox L5000 Series: L5350 Payment Terminal As low as
Equinox L5000 Series: L5350
The Equinox L5000 Series: L5350 is a unique, cordless payment terminal that includes a rechargeable battery and charging base station and supports either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless communications. The L5000 Series: L5350 is well suited for...
Photo of Equinox L5000 Series: L5400 Payment Terminal As low as
Equinox L5000 Series: L5400
The Equinox L5000 Series: L5400 is a fully functional and flexible payment/advertising terminal that can be configured with unique hardware and communication options to allow it to be used for other in-store applications. With the addition of a...
Photo of Equinox P1300 Payment Terminal Equinox P1300
Equinox P1300, a low cost solution that will allow you to accept PIN-based solutions.
Photo of Equinox T4210 Payment Terminal Equinox T4210
The Equinox T4210 offers a powerful dial countertop solution with a small footprint. With a large memory capacity, rapid transaction processing and multi-application capabilities, the T4210 provides merchants a high-end device at an affordable...
Photo of Equinox T4220 Payment Terminal Equinox T4220
The Equinox T4220 is the most secure IP and dial-backup countertop terminal on the market today. Along with its ability to process transactions rapidly, the T4220 features an intelligent IP diagnostics application to monitor and communicate failure...
Photo of Equinox PV1310 Payment Terminal Equinox PV1310
The Equinox PV1310 is a PCI approved PIN entry device that meets PCI PED 1.0 security standards. It features convenient, user-friendly ergonomics and is fully compatible with most countertop devices and ECR systems.
Photo of Equinox T4205 Payment Terminal Equinox T4205
The Equinox T4205 Payments is the no-nonsense solution for merchants seeking an affordable, rock-solid and reliable payment system. Designed on the extremely successful T4200 platform, the T4205 will run all existing T4200 certified business...
Photo of Equinox T4230 Payment Terminal Equinox T4230
Equinox"s T4230 is a unique wireless device that offers GPRS connectivity in a countertop design. With a V.34 modem standard, wherever there is a power outlet the T4230 provides the benefits of a wireless connection with the assurance of a dial...
Photo of Equinox M4230 Payment Terminal Equinox M4230
Equinox"s M4230 is a unique mobile terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. It incorporates a removable, extra long-life battery for extended use between charges and can be re-charged by connecting the charger directly into the...
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Equinox S9 - Discontinued, No direct replacement available. Contact us for comparable substitute.
Equinox T7 Plus - Discontinued, No direct replacement available. Contact us for comparable substitute.
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