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Evolis Securion ID Card System

Securion Travel Case Smart and Contactless with Dual Chip Encoder, USB & Ethernet. Delivered with one YMCKOK ribbon, one Laminate patch 0.6 mil, 100 cards

ID Card Printer System

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Evolis Securion ID Card System ID Card Printer System

The Evolis Securion ID Card System is a one-stop solution for personalizing and laminating secure badges in a decentralized way. The printer seamlessly scales to meet growing concerns about security and data forgery, while greatly extending the lifespan of any card. The printer offers dual-sided operations on both the color-printing module and the lamination station. The badge is first processed through graphical and electrical personalization. Then, a protection film, in the format of a varnish or a patch, is applied by a hot roller over the full card surface. Printing, encoding and laminating a secure badge are carried out in a single pass.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: SEC101RBH-0CCM0-TVC